Saturday, October 01, 2005

Republican redrawn Congressional map approved

The ABH reports that Georgia's Congressional map, which was redrawn this year by Republicans in the legislature, and which must be approved by the DOJ because Georgia has had some, let's just say "issues" with race in the past, has been so approved. Athens will therefore be in Charlie Norwood's district for next year's election. There's been some rumblings that Norwood might not seek reelection for health reasons. If that is true, it could be a wide open seat, albeit probably still likely going to a Republican. Expect a great deal about this as we progress toward next year's election.

By the way, Athens' current rep John Barrow has announced his intention to run in the 12th District, which he currently represents, but which as redrawn will not contain Athens.

Can't wait to cover real elections next year. As always, stay tuned.


andyrusk said...

It's a shame. I always liked Barrow.

My favorite "ancient Chinese curse" reads:

"May you live in interesting times."

We sure as hell are, ain't we?

Jog over to my website when you get a chance, guys. I just laid down a big plank in my platform, and I want some feedback.

RandomThoughts said...

At one time I was a John Barrow fan because he did a very kind and unrequired thing that I happened to witness. However, I have had to reluctantly resign from his fan club. I just can't agree with his position on too many things. Maybe if I were richer I would find it easier. I'm already white enough. This is a man I would like to like but just can't. His form of being a Democrat is too much like Zell Miller's.

Just my two cents worth.

hillary said...

John Barrow is a big douche as an elected representative. I was pretty unhappy with the pathetic form letter I received in response to my email opposing his anti-flag burning vote.