Sunday, October 16, 2005

ABH Roundup

Also in the news today:

  • John Barrow has lotsa dough.  If we were in the mood to be mean, we’d probably say something like this.  “Fundraising is the mother’s milk of politics, and donors are the teat from which the milk flows, and Lord knows, no one sucks like John Barrow.”  
But we aren’t in a mean mood today, so we’ll refrain.  We do idly wonder, however, if Karl Rove’s lawyer will be ponying up again.

  • The GLOW bus (Georgia Licensing on Wheels) roared into Athens this weekend and handed out a whopping 20 new ID’s.  (Hey, don’t laugh.  According to the story that’s about 10% of what it’s done statewide so far.)  We’ve made our feelings on the Voter ID bill pretty clear, so no need to belabor the point.  
Key statement to note:
“Lelia Tory was one of Athens' residents who wanted a photo ID Saturday. Her driver's license was revoked in 1999, she said. Tory said she is regular voter, and wanted a new card to ensure she could continue to vote.
‘I really need an ID,’ she said. ‘I've been using (the old one), but some places I can do it and some places I can't.’
However, highlighting confusion surrounding the system, Tory said she brought the wrong documents to the bus.”
  • Aued: Black people will vote entirely on race or NAACP membership, not ideas or experience.  Ok, well that’s how he makes it sound.  But, Blake also does some good writing here, highlighting the inequalities that (majority black) North Athens has suffered in services, noting as a good example the North Athens Fire Station v. new Five Points Fire Station controversy.

  • Also Aued: Andy Rusk hits the web.  This is news?  Sounds more like olds to us, since we tooted that horn some weeks ago.
One editorial note as well.  If anyone knows any other mayoral candidates who might like to get in touch with us, send them along.  We’re still waiting to hear from Keith Johnson, Charlie Maddox, and Tom Chasteen, as well as all of the candidates for ACC Commission.  What’s the matter guys, too big time for the AP?
  • On the editorial page, Jim Thompson leaves no education bill uncriticized.  (You know, we like Jim more and more each time he writes, and one day, we’re going to buy him lunch just to show our appreciation.)

  • Also, Bill Shipp warns us about the dangers of those tax and spend conservatives.  (It occurs to us that certain conservatives who read and post here are going to snark on about how the poor Republican majority only has to raise taxes to pay for the massive spending the former Democratic majority ran up.  Whatevs.)
Sssssh…it’s okay.  Tell us all about it, snookums.


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