Friday, October 28, 2005

A Few Reasons to Celebrate

There's a party going on right here...a celebration to last throughout the year.


Several reasons. Today is possibly indictment day inside the Beltway. In fact, the NYT is reporting early that Libby is going to see the business end of a perp walk, while Rove will continue to sit on the hot seat. Read all about it here.

Also, moving from national to state politics, the Court of Appeals offers a great big "nuh-uh" to the Voter ID, and refuses to drop the injunction. Here's some electronically delivered dead tree.

And finally, we're happy to announce that this is the one-hundredth post here on Athens Politics. Seems like just yesterday we opened the doors and started bitching about politics to y'all. We'd like to thank out readers, and especially the folks who are kind enough to comment and argue about the tripe we post. And we mean that.

Backwards spit.


Fishplate said...

I'll be interested to see if there was an actual crime comitted for the Grand Jury to investigate, or if the only "crimes" cwere as a result of the investigation.

NPR intimated this morning that the indictments would be based on individuals not recalling events...a time-honored political tradition if there ever was one.

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

You mean kinda like the Clinton investigation? (and Martha Stewart's for that matter)

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

It looks like you were on the money; the indictment is for obstruction, perjury, and false statements.