Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pollo Oh No

According to the ABH, Bruno may have no Athens restaurants left if the LPDS rezoning is not allowed. He has apparently been given 60-day notice on the Pollo Criollo lease. Fortunately for those of us in love with Bruno's cuisine, he says that he plans to fight the eviction, look for another westside site, and if LPDS is shot down, another one on the eastside. The man is undaunted; gotta love it.

Meanwhile, look here if you want to see a more classic example of spot zoning. One which was approved, by the way, although not without some controversy of its own.


RandomThoughts said...

An ugle question, but one that should be asked. Has the opposition made this particular location more trouble than it is really worth? Is the proposal being pursued because this spot is ideal and relatively unique or is it 'the principle of the thing'? I believe that the aim of the opposition is to make it too much trouble to complete, but that does not mean the question doesn't need asking and answering. Is it time to move on?

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Well, at this stage I'd say no, since it's scheduled for a vote already, and in legal terms at least we're on about the 1-yard-line after having driven all the way down the field. Now, if the vote doesn't go the right way, Bruno will have to reevaluate whether he wants to do that kind of project in Athens at all or not.

hillary said...

There's a good letter in Flagpole explaining why the site _is_ to some extent unique and particularly suited to the project.

patrick said...

I also happen to have it from a very, very good source, that Bruno was looking at properties on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica not two and a half months ago.

So. Better eat there now. That's all i am saying.