Saturday, April 28, 2007

And we have our answer...

A letter to Jane Kidd mass circulated by Terry Holley...

Dear Jane,
This morning I had tried to send an email concerning qualifying, but my email was not cooperating. To bring you up to date, I waited until late yesterday to see how many people had qualified and decided that with three candidates running, it was not in the best interest of the Party or myself to enter this race. We had a window of opportunity immediately after Mr. Norwood’s passing and we blew it. Now, with some county committee’s endorsing a particular candidate, I have serious concerns as to why these counties are violating our bylaws and why our DPG officials have been waiting to give an interpretation on this. I certainly have informed our county chairs that I believe that this is a violation of our state party bylaws. I believe that you and I discussed this issue very early on which is why the state party would not give an endorsement. Competition is not bad, but each candidate deserves an equal opportunity as we move forward in this race. Also, I appointed Barbara Sims as first vice-chair for the district today.

With regards,

R Terry Holley, Chair

10th Congressional District

Democratic Party of Georgia

Now see, I have been a BIG anti-Terry guy since January, but after he (wisely) decided not to qualify I was gonna let it go, not bring him up again, stay positive, etc.

And then he goes and sends this letter out to everyone...

Seriously... what a little bitch he is. And a slackass too (see below). With Dems like Terry Holley, the GOP deserves to be in power in Georgia.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Terry Holley- Man of substance or slacka$$?

Terry Holley , who a few democrats are still suppporting for the 10th despite the overwhelming support for Marlow, has a little trouble keeping up with his paper work....
But really, he's the best choice for support of local dems and he really has a chance of beating Whitehead...

Status of his filings for last cycle

Status of his filings for this election cycle

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Blog

Check out Tondee's Tavern, a new Georgia Progressive blog.

Monday, April 16, 2007

10th District Update

Fundraising so far: (Rasied/Spent/Remaining/Debt)
GREENE, WILLIAM LAWRENCE10 $60,293$21,677$38,616$003/31/2007
MARLOW, JAMES B JR10 $36,385$8,580$28,005$003/31/2007
NORWOOD, CHARLIE10 $1,660$123,612$781,283$003/31/2007
WHITEHEAD, JAMES LESLIE SR10 $265,271$21,810$243,461$003/31/2007

Who wants to bet that when Holley files his report it shows he raised LESS than Norwood (who's dead, remember?)

In other news...
Andre has a Q&A with Marlow over on Unfiltered Politics

BFD has some dialoge with both Holley and Marlow here

UPDATE: Paul Broun has apparantly been raising money for some time...

UPDATE 2: I really can't spell worth a crap...

From over at PeachPundit

Pretty good catch from the guys at PeachPundit on this photo. See if you can spot what they caught their eye...

Here it is in context.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Athens In Black And White

Last night's vote made that abundantly clear:

"The commission voted 8-2 against letting the financially struggling ACTION Inc. sell its 1.7 acres and 100-year-old former schoolhouse to a developer with plans for 17 townhouses. Commissioners George Maxwell and Harry Sims voted to approve the plans."

Whether Elton Dodson is right in claiming "Those who would use this as a wedge issue to imply that we do not support ACTION are out of line," doesn't make the racial discrepancy in the vote or in the debate any less of a wedge.

Race is a big problem in Athens. And despite where you come down on the ACTION, Inc. issue, last night's debate/vote was a rather ugly, desultory affair, carefully dancing around the thousand pound elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.