Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Frat mess...

This Op/Ed piece today in the Banana-Herald sums up nicely the crux of this issue, and I post here for discussion, since I'm sure Chuck will enlighten us as how Athens would fall in on itself without the UGA greek system.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The First Annual Athpy Awards

To start us off in '07, here's a little homage to the upcoming award show season.

Live from historic downtown Athens, Georgia, it's the First Annual Athpy Awards, celebrating excellence, or in some cases the obscene lack of it, in the world of Athens P(p)olitics.

[Insert ridiculously long/not funny song and dance opening number here.]

And now, she's your mayor, and he's the wild and crazy cowboy blogger behind the scenes making it happen; please welcome Heidi and Al Davison!

Al: Wow, honey, you sure do look "smoking" this evening.
Heidi: Smoking?! Gosh, I sure hope not. We're inside, and I sure wouldn't want to be in violation of the smoking ban. I'm cruising for a citation if I'm not careful.
Al: Did you say "cruising"? Because you know, there's an ordinance against that, too.
Heidi: Oh my! Well, while I slow down and cool off, here are the nominees for Best Political Race:

Solicitor General, runoff election
Mayor, runoff election
9th District Commissioner, general election

And the Athpy goes to: Solicitor General, runoff election!

[Insert similarly poorly written, lame, joky dialogues from presenters before each of the remaining awards.]

The nominees for Issue of the Year are:

La Puerta del Sol
The 3-laning of Prince Avenue
The Smoking Ban

And the Athpy goes to: La Puerta del Sol!

The nominees for Best Commissioner are:

Alice Kinman
David Lynn
Carl Jordan

And the Athpy goes to: Alice Kinman!

The nominees for Best Sore Loser Meltdown on a political blog:

Ed Vaughn on Athens Politics
Jeff Snowden on Athens Politics
Jeff Snowden on Winders' Blog

And the Athpy goes to: Jeff Snowden on Winders' Blog!
[sorry Ed, but the voting ended before your latest tirade...maybe next year!]

The nominees for Best Performance by a local Democrat-with-no-chance-in-hell-in-red-state-Georgia are:

Mac Rawson
Terry Holley
Jane Kidd

And the Athpy goes to: Mac Rawson!

The nominees for Most Obnoxious Commenter on a Political Blog are:

Chuck Jones

* Not sure which Anonymous? Me neither! Get a blogger ID, bitches!

And the Athpy goes to: Chuck Jones!

The nominees for Best Candidate in a Primary, General, or Runoff Election are:

Heidi Davison, runoff election for Mayor
Kelly Girtz, runoff election for 9th District Commissioner
David Sweat, general election for Superior Court Judge

And the Athpy goes to: David Sweat, general election for Superior Court Judge!

Congratulations, Athpy winners, and goodnight everybody! Let the comments begin!