Saturday, March 17, 2007

Heidi's Endorsement: Andy Herod

Back to some other news: Mayor Davison made an "unexpected endorsement" yesterday in Tuesday's D8 race.

"Andy's long history of community service, extensive experience, and proven leadership make him the best choice for District 8 and has earned him my personal endorsement," Davison said in an official news release from Herod's campaign. "District 8 is fortunate to have a candidate with a proven track record who is ready to go to work. That candidate is Andy Herod."

As Blackfin noted yesterday, this would make sense seeing as "Hamilton = Doc Eldridge, State McCarter, Charlie Maddox crowd; Herod = the "cobbham elite" candidate."

So does this effect the race? Good or bad, for either Andy or David?

The Nanny Diaries (part deux)

Wherein we explore the "Nanny" side of ACC government not-related to the Commission.

Commissioner Elton Dodson was nice enough to stop by yesterday and set the record straight, and he "woodshedded" us regarding his stance on not wanting to see Happy Hour discounts torpedoed in Athens bars and nightclubs. (BTW, Elton, congrats too on fatherhood'll really be glad Happy Hour still exists very soon, trust me ;>)

But a reader doyouhaveanyidea brought up an interesting point in the comments: "Why are unelected financial staff, like Culpepper, issuing policy proposals before clearing them with the elected officials, who represent ACC citizens on these matters?"

That's the question of the day. As Elton said, he and other commissioners were shocked to hear staff was out making these proposals, yet last time I checked we didn't elect the heads of either the Financial Department or any other department to do such things. Sure, they can voice their ideas, just like any other citizen, but as Blackfin notes it's usually front page news because of who they are.

So what gives? Is this a case of "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians" within the ACC bureaucracy? Do department heads operate with impunity when it comes to policy matters? Should Heidi and the commission be cracking the whip, or is this much ado about nuthin'?

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Nanny Diaries

Wherein Athens Nanny-in-Chief, Super District Commish Elton Dodson, targets "Happy Hour" for eradication.

"Athenians would have to pay full price for after-work beverages under proposed changes to Athens-Clarke County's alcohol ordinance. One change would prevent bars and restaurants from charging different prices for drinks at different times of day, banning happy hours and late-night "power hours" popular with University of Georgia students.

"It's a real problem, and we need to address it," said Commissioner Elton Dodson, chairman of the five-member Legislative Review Committee that will consider the proposed changes.

Because heaven knows, Athens certainly doesn't have anything else going on (rapes, murders, grinding poverty, etc.) which needs addressing at the moment.

Said ol' "Volstead" Dodson: "Some of the things in here are things we should have passed years ago."

Yeah, like 1919.

From the flying monkeys....

OK, OK, we suck. But with JMAC doing a fine job of covering the D8 race, it's been sorta hard to compete. As a practical matter, I don't live in D8, and I don't know either of these gentlemen, and really don't have a whole lot of insight. Which is not to say it's not an important race, just that it's an important race that I have absolutlely no insight into at all. So I decided to keep my mouth shut.

I guess people need a place to post REM conspiracy theories without having to wade through what movies JMAC's watching right now...

So have at it.
Hamilton = Doc Eldridge, State McCarter, Charlie Maddox crowd
Herod = the "cobbham elite" candidate (c'mon chuckie, where you been?)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hudgens Out

This is old news by now, but still worth commenting on: State Senator Ralph Hudgens officially opted out of the 10th congressional district dog and pony show yesterday.

"After three weeks of campaigning, it became very evident that I don't have the fire in the belly, I didn't have what it takes," said Hudgens, a Comer Republican.

"Since Hudgens is keeping his seat in the state Senate, former state Sen. Brian Kemp won't be able to run for it. Kemp, an Athens Republican, had announced plans to run and was considered a near-lock to win back a Senate seat."

As a reader in the comments queried, why isn't Brian Kemp considering jumping into the congressional race, especially since his name recognition (from his statewide race for Ag commish) is higher than virtually every other candidate running?

Blake also raises the possibility that Hudgens' departure might be good news for Doc Eldridge, which is interesting. After hearing and reading various scuttle the past few weeks, I had thought Doc wasn't going to jump in.

What's the word?

Thursday, March 01, 2007


According to a blurb over at Peach Pundit there are now ten people in the race for Charlie Norwood's congressional seat, seven of whom are Republicans, two Dems and one "L":

Paul Broun Jr., R
Bill Greene, R
Terry Holley, D
Ralph Hudgens, R
Julian Hutchins, R
Evita Paschall, D
Jackie Poteet, R
Nate Pulliam, R
Jim Sendelbach, L
Jim Whitehead, R

I'm assuming Paul Broun, Jr. is related to Paul Broun of the "Paul Broun Parkway" here in Athens, but wasn't Sr. a Democrat?

Speaking of Peach Pundit what's up with their slam of our own intrepid political reporter Blake Aued's comment on the paper's blog that he'd like to see Athens get a fair shake in the upcoming congressional election?

"Good things to say to a majority-conservative district....And too bad for Athens that the next Congressman from the 10th will most likely not reflect the unified'’s politics in pretty much any way."

Yeah, "too bad". The writer, someone named Jeff Emanuel, also goes on to drop the obligatory "People's Republic of Athens" slam, which is something I haven't heard since, oh I dunno, the end of the Soviet Union when the "joke" would still have been kinda relevant.

Meanwhile, back in the 21st Century...

Pete McCommons said in his column yesterday that with Hudgens officially running, Brian Kemp is expected to take over the seat Hudgens is vacating, thus giving he and his brother-in-law Bill Cowsert a solid lock on state Senatorial representation. "Cosy" indeed.

And so far the first two to announce for Commission District 8 following States McCarter's beaming back to the Enterprise, are still the only ones in the race, Andy Herod and David Hamilton. Is that the race?

Dish, folk.