Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hope the holidays have been enjoyable for everyone, and of course they have had a lot to do with the reduction in posts. We promise to step it up in January, so please keep reading. Pour some out for James Brown and Gerald Ford while you're celebrating Sunday night. See you guys next year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Since you mentioned LPDS...

I have a question. Does Athens have a provision, like the one I've heard about in other places, under which a permit expires if it's not acted on within a certain period of time (usually 1 year)? If so, is Bruno running the risk of losing LPDS or having to go through the process again? Or has he already taken some step that moots the issue?

Ok guys, you win

Let's talk about this. Jane's gonna run to be state party chair. Can she win? Is this a good spot for her? Will it help Athens candidates?

From where I sit, any change has got to help. The state party is terrible.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Banana Hearald wrap up

Two stories this morning (Sunday) appear concerning the recent local elections. First Blake Aued has a story concerning the significant changes in our incoming commission. See it here:
Line up Favors Mayor

Anyone else a little creeped out by the power-hungry tone of Elton Dodson's comments?

And then there's this editorial, which I'm going to assume is the work of Jason Winders. (Let us know if I'm wrong, Jason)
I think this idea is only a good one if we actually had a committed, informed electorate. Unfortunately, we don't. I'm still reeling with all of the potential implications this type of system could have, so for now, I'll just put it up for general discussion

Friday, December 08, 2006

Irony Alert

Heidi signs sticking out of recycling bins around town.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Cobbham Elite

Kinda like The Power Elite, as envisioned by the groundbreaking sociologist C. Wright Mills back in the 50's (minus the military part).

During this campaign season it's been interesting to observe the epithets and hand-wringing done by many of the ABH crowd (Anybody But Heidi) over the so-called "elitism" of the intown neighborhoods, particularly Cobbham. Five Points seems to have more of a smattering of conservatives, but the Cobbham and Boulevard 'hoods seem to be overrun (according to right wingers) by elitist liberal snobs ("treesex freaks", as we have learned here on this blog). And Heidi and Kelly were their candidates, and what they say, goes, and they always win, according to the opposition.

Whether it's factually true is difficult to measure. Cobbham doesn't always win (see also: defeat of three-laneing Prince Avenue). And Cobbham may be a haven for the well-to-do or it may not, depending on how one measures "well-to-do" and Cobbham itself. There is just the historic district, and then there are the surrounding areas (The Plaza) that would suggest Cobbham is much more diversified than rumor has it.

Nevertheless, the question I pose is rather simple: why the perception? Why is "the Cobbham elite" seen as this force of movers and shakers, especially in the world of politics? Is it true if you get Cobbham's blessing ($$$$), you automatically win? Why the split between the intown neighborhoods and everyone else in Athens? Is there an "elitism" amongst the "townies", or is this all designed to create an "us v. them", left v. right mentality that makes things (elections) simpler?

Inquiring minds...

UPDATE: A reader emailed me to suggest that maybe the ABH (Anybody But Heidi) crowd of developers, insurance, conservatives, the Chamber, etc. (what Pete lovingly refers to as "Doc 'n them") were really the "power elite", and that the Cobbham Elite were enjoined to basically "fight the power". Hmmmm....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Monday (Wednesday) morning quarterbacking...

Come on, you know you want to.

What did Charlie do wrong? What did Heidi do right? Is Alvin Sheats tree of liberty dead, (property rights) or just shedding leaves for the winter?

Here, I'll get us started. I think last night was in many ways proof positive that the folks who worked so hard to give us non-partisan elections two years ago basically wasted their time. "Common knowledge" (see how I snuck that in) was that non-partisan elections were going to spell the end of the "Cobbham elite" controlling local politics, and return power to them, whoever they are. Well guys, you put your candidate up, and he lost. And now you can't blame it on the restrictions of primary elections, or a contested local republican house race, etc.

I, for one, am a little surprised, and while I'm glad (mostly) that Heidi won, I'm also a little disappointed that the non-partisan thing didn't shift us towards the middle a little more. Maybe it will, in time, with different candidates, and different strategies.

What does everybody else think?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gametime Redux

Well, it's time once again to wait all night for votes to be counted in the ACC. Hopefully not "all" night, since there's only 3 races (did you even know the Public Service Commissioner race was gonna be on there too? I didn't....and I consider myself informed. Oh well.)

So it was you all along, Snowman. Is it Charlie's official position, then, that Heidi is a "fucking snob", or was that comment made purely in your capacity as a citizen?

There is, by the way, for all of you policy freaks out there, a lame duck Commission meeting tomorrow. Among other things on the agenda are the re-adoption of the cruising ordinance without a sunset provision and the domestic partner benefits thing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Dashing Through The (Finish Line) Snow

To build on a few of Blackfin's observations, based on what I'm reading from reader comments to our wonderful blog here, the following:

Heidi worked for the Chamber of Commerce
(and is therefore a sellout). Heidi worked for the Chamber and got fired (and is therefore not a sellout).

Charlie is going to liberate Athens
from the tyranny of the intown neighborhood "treesex" freaks. Heidi is going to liberate Athens from the tyranny of developers and other anal-retentives.

Charlie is a goof and a puppet of the Chamber with few ideas of his own. Heidi is the anti-christ, beholden to intown granolas and other communists who look longingly towards May Day.

Charlie is pro-smoking. Heidi is pro-smoking. No wait, both are against smoking. No, wait, they are for it, before they voted against it.

Benefits Good, Benefits Bad. Benefits Gay? Benefits Rad.


Election day tomorrow...

So go nuts guys. Rumors abound. Heidi has an army of ent-like tree creatures knocking on doors to get out the granola vote... Charlie's going to borrow Bill Cowsert's SUV and tow a Ford plant back to Athens to create more jobs... Damn liberals were seen last week voting, then cutting their stinking long hippie hair, voting again, taking a bath, then voting again, shaving their legs, then voting again... Doc Eldridge was driving van-loads of African Americans to the board of elections to vote early for Maddox... There's going to be an armed takeover of PPA tonight, you're with us or against us... Oh yeah, the tree of liberty, don't forget the tree of liberty (but don't have treesex with it, or in it)...