Friday, December 08, 2006

Irony Alert

Heidi signs sticking out of recycling bins around town.


Anonymous said...


The reason we insisted on using paper signs was so they could be recycled rather than filling up the landfill with those horrid plastic jobs.

BTW - ask Kelly Girtz about this. He had major problems with his yardsign vendor and when his signs finally arrived about 2 weeks late, they were plastic instead of the paper ones that he ordered but, by that time, it was too late for him not to use them. But, at least his can be re-used in 4 years.

Oh, and, yep, I'm back to looking at the blogs after refusing to look at them for the past couple of months. They were making my stomach hurt. ;-)

I haven't read all that was posted in my absence though I've heard about some of it. Maybe I'll find the time to scan through them and see how many posts were attributed to me - that's always amusing.

At some point, I guess I'll get a real blogger ID thingie.

Adrian said...

The mayor had an election party in a smoke-free bar, and the campaign sign on the railing at 8E's could have been construed as a violation of the sidewalk sign ordinance (by the CPD -- I still need to check on that Angelo's rumor).

rmabry said...

Irony? I would think that a recycling bin would be where an environmental candidate's yard signs should show up.

Todd Mitchell said...

Um, I was thinking more along the lines of "We've recycled Heidi for another four year term".

But carry on.