Monday, December 04, 2006

Dashing Through The (Finish Line) Snow

To build on a few of Blackfin's observations, based on what I'm reading from reader comments to our wonderful blog here, the following:

Heidi worked for the Chamber of Commerce
(and is therefore a sellout). Heidi worked for the Chamber and got fired (and is therefore not a sellout).

Charlie is going to liberate Athens
from the tyranny of the intown neighborhood "treesex" freaks. Heidi is going to liberate Athens from the tyranny of developers and other anal-retentives.

Charlie is a goof and a puppet of the Chamber with few ideas of his own. Heidi is the anti-christ, beholden to intown granolas and other communists who look longingly towards May Day.

Charlie is pro-smoking. Heidi is pro-smoking. No wait, both are against smoking. No, wait, they are for it, before they voted against it.

Benefits Good, Benefits Bad. Benefits Gay? Benefits Rad.



Suburban Chaos said...

I will use a phrase rarely used since 1984 and say this review of the candidates is "totally awesome".

G. Lamb said...

rarely used? Where you been, dude! This is totally tubular!

Polusplagchnos said...

Hey, Lamb, were you out in front of the UGA library, on your cell phone, at about 400 PM?

Anonymous said...

I think it may have been 4:20...if, um, you know what I'm sayin'...

G. Lamb said...

Oh, yeah. It was more than likely me.

Polusplagchnos said...

Cool. I would have introduced myself, but you were on the phone and that would have been slightly awkward.