Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A contrast of ideals...

As lawmakers around the state mourn the passing of Congressman Norwood (who, not for nothing, WAS the first republican elected to congress from Georgia since reconstruction) I present these two quotes which speak for themselves:

"There is a time for politics and a time for compassion. Today, the thoughts and prayers of Georgia Democrats are with the family of Congressman Charlie Norwood. Our hearts go out to his family and colleagues in this difficult time. While we sometimes disagreed with Congressman Norwood on ideology and policy, we all agree that he was a man of principle and ideals, conscientious in his duty to his constituents and dedicated to his work. Now is a time for compassion and we pause the work of politics to honor a good Georgian and a good man, Representative Charlie Norwood."
- Jane Kidd, Chair of the State Democratic Party of Georgia

"I'm going to resign my state Senate seat, and yes, I am going to run,"
- Senator Ralph Hudgens (R).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Congressman Norwood has passed away

Numerous television sources (including the House of Representatives live on CSPAN, where I was watching the Iraq debate) are reporting that Congressman Norwood has lost his battle with lung cancer and has passed away.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

McCarter Out; Norwood Gravely Ill

WTF happened at the Commission the other night where States McCarter just up and quits and immediately a special election is called for March 20th? And what's the scoop on Andy Herod and David Hamilton, the two as of now announced candidates running to replace McCarter?

Also stirring up the boilerplate this morning is news that Rep. Charlie Norwood is going home to Augusta under hospice care, unlikely to return to D.C. in the near future.

What kinds of bombshells is that setting off this morning? Who's in or out for Republicans and Democrats (even though any special election to replace Norwood, should he resign or die in office, would be technically non-partisan)?

Been kinda slow here we've got something to chew on.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Whither '08 Support?

So the ACJ's Political Insider reports that our guv is openly campaigning for Vice President (of the U.S., one assumes), and that various members of the Georgia Republican congressional delegation (Reps. Price, Gingrey & Kingston) are lining up behind Massachusetts liberal, er, former Governor Mitt Romney.

On the Democratic side, it's being reported that former Guv Roy Barnes will be back in John Edwards' camp, and that despite other high-profile endorsements thus far, Edwards, by virtue of being the southern candidate, will be the man to beat in Georgia.

I'm not sure I believe that. Edwards lost Georgia to John Kerry in the '04 primary, if I remember correctly, and he failed to bring his home state of North Carolina to the table in the general election. The notion that just because he's a southerner means he has the "southern vote" locked up is absurd (it would also fail to explain why Romney, a northeast moderate, would have the backing of several Georgia Republicans over, say, wild west tuff guy John McCain).

So where is the Athens political elite in these early days of the race? Anyone lining up behind or holding fundraisers for McCain, Obama, Clinton, Giuliani, Romney, Edwards, etc.?

Inquiring minds...