Thursday, February 08, 2007

McCarter Out; Norwood Gravely Ill

WTF happened at the Commission the other night where States McCarter just up and quits and immediately a special election is called for March 20th? And what's the scoop on Andy Herod and David Hamilton, the two as of now announced candidates running to replace McCarter?

Also stirring up the boilerplate this morning is news that Rep. Charlie Norwood is going home to Augusta under hospice care, unlikely to return to D.C. in the near future.

What kinds of bombshells is that setting off this morning? Who's in or out for Republicans and Democrats (even though any special election to replace Norwood, should he resign or die in office, would be technically non-partisan)?

Been kinda slow here we've got something to chew on.


Anonymous said...

I know and like Herod - anybody know about Hamilton? If Hamilton is out there, let us know a little bit about yourself.

bulletdawg said...

AJC's Political Insider reports that State Rep. Barry Fleming of Harlem would be the leading Republican candidate should/when Norwood dies.

While I pray for Mr. Norwood and his family, I believe he should resign. He is not serving in Congress, he has returned to his home to die. He should resign his seat in Congress to allow the process to proceed.

Every week, Mr. Norwood earns a paycheck for nothing. He is not/cannot be in the halls of Congress, voting, participating in the process. He should resign his seat today and give us a representative who can actively represent us.

Anonymous said...

Terry Holley never really quit campaigning after the election. During the regular campaign, Holley hired a campaign director out of Delaware who got pissed that he was not being paid timely, and Holley was victim of his own lack of getting outside the normal meetings. Will the notpartisan effect of the special election give Holley a better chance at winning? Surely it will, but as to whether he will get enough popular support to defeat whatever Republican (Doc, Lyin' Brian, Fleming, etc) is open to debate. I too wish Norwood would resign with dignity intact.

Anonymous said...

Should probably link this somewhere:

Anonymous said...

So who do you guys think wins the special election, Herod or Hamilton?

Anonymous said...

Don't know who wins, but I love Andy Herod, and I *hope* he wins.

He is a good progressive, besides being in the federation of nbhds,

he's also been part of the living wage group and other forward

thinking groups... I look forward to this race, I wonder whether Tim etc

will give us a chance to see them debate, I mean it is ONLY the 8th district,

but it is, the 8th district! I know nothing about David except that he's a nice

guy, little difficult to see how he would add to the progressive comission... insurance

salesmen kind of gross me out on some really basic level.

A. Nony. Mouse

Anonymous said...

Generally, people read too much into this but just thought I would put it out there. According to the Board of Elections, David Hamilton has voted in 4 out of 6 Republican primaries (the other two being Democratic), whereas Andy Herod has voted exclusively in Democratic primaries (4 of 4).

-8th District Voter

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hamilton support Maddox in the Mayor's race? If this race ends up being between those same issues, I think I give the edge to Herod given Heidi's large margin of victory over Charlie in the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton gave money to Charlie Maddox.

Chuck said...

Chuck Jones for Congress!

McCarter probably left because he was 1 of about 3 good Commissioners still there.

Anonymous said...

David was neutral. He hosted a party at his home for Charlie Maddox, an in-kind donation, then gave money to Heidi.


Anonymous said...

Neutral is when you do the smart thing and don't give money to either. When you host a party for Charlie, then see the election results that indicate Charlie is going to lose and give money to Heidi - that's hedging your bets.

Anonymous said...

I hear David Hamilton blogs. If so and you're out there David. I'm an east-side voter that doesn't know much about you. Do tell...


David Hamilton said...

I am trying to address each of Hillary's points over at my blog - - rather than taking up too much comment space elsewhere. Good points, and I will give them the attention they deserve. Please check in anytime! Don't hesitate to contact me if needed . . . I look forward to it.

David Hamilton

Ps. sorry to gross anybody out . . . I agree - nobody grows up saying they want to be an insurance agent. :)

David Hamilton said...

Howdy folks! I wanted everyone to know that I have new info up at, including more addressing Hillary's comments. Thanks for checking in, and Happy Valentines Day!

All the best,
David Hamilton