Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gametime Redux

Well, it's time once again to wait all night for votes to be counted in the ACC. Hopefully not "all" night, since there's only 3 races (did you even know the Public Service Commissioner race was gonna be on there too? I didn't....and I consider myself informed. Oh well.)

So it was you all along, Snowman. Is it Charlie's official position, then, that Heidi is a "fucking snob", or was that comment made purely in your capacity as a citizen?

There is, by the way, for all of you policy freaks out there, a lame duck Commission meeting tomorrow. Among other things on the agenda are the re-adoption of the cruising ordinance without a sunset provision and the domestic partner benefits thing.


DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Kelly by 170 votes with half the precincts for that race counted.

Heidi by almost 400 votes with 1/3 of those precincts counted.

raven said...

stick a fork in the chamber's "man"

Ryanetics said...


G. Lamb said...

"Davison received 6,732 of 12,180 votes, or 55 percent"

55%??!!! That's NOT a MANDATE!!

oh, wait, sorry. Flashback to 2004.

I'm going to bed now.

Anonymous said...

Is that an Elton Dodson joke?