Monday, April 16, 2007

10th District Update

Fundraising so far: (Rasied/Spent/Remaining/Debt)
GREENE, WILLIAM LAWRENCE10 $60,293$21,677$38,616$003/31/2007
MARLOW, JAMES B JR10 $36,385$8,580$28,005$003/31/2007
NORWOOD, CHARLIE10 $1,660$123,612$781,283$003/31/2007
WHITEHEAD, JAMES LESLIE SR10 $265,271$21,810$243,461$003/31/2007

Who wants to bet that when Holley files his report it shows he raised LESS than Norwood (who's dead, remember?)

In other news...
Andre has a Q&A with Marlow over on Unfiltered Politics

BFD has some dialoge with both Holley and Marlow here

UPDATE: Paul Broun has apparantly been raising money for some time...

UPDATE 2: I really can't spell worth a crap...

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