Thursday, October 20, 2005

We've got mail! Yaaaaay!!

Just a quick secondary post that, for once, doesn't concern the Voter ID law or LPDS! (well, it does mention LPDS, but only in a peripheral manner)

ACC Commission hopeful James Garland wrote in to say howdy the other day. He's a regular reader of AP, and wanted to let us know that he's running for ACC Commission, District 1, a seat currently held by Charles Carter, who is retiring at the end of 2006.

Now, a lot of y'all may already know who Mr. Garland is. He's a regular writer of letters to the editor at the ABH, and did a political column for the short-lived Athens Weekly News.

Garland noted in his letter to us that he spoke out in favor of LPDS at the Planning Commission meeting and emailed his support to Heidi and the gang before the Oct 4 M&C meeting [post edited, because Mr Garland emailed us to clarify that he wasn't at the M&C meeting as we originally said]. (there's the only LPDS reference you'll get in this post), but what impressed us the most was the things he had to say about Charles Carter.

For background purposes, and for those who don't keep up with the whirlwind that is District 1 politics, Garland also ran against Carter in 2002. That was before the days of non-partisan elections, so we'll point out, in the interests of fairness that he ran as a Republican. Nonetheless, Garland has some nice things to say about the incumbent.

Sez Garland:

You are also correct in that Charles is stepping down, so it will be an open
seat. I ran against him in 2002. Actually, we both ran for the same seat
rather than against one another; everyone recognizes that Charles
is a nice guy...and it was an altogether collegial affair.

Thanks for writing in, James! Let us know when you've got your website up.
And, as always, feel free to comment anytime.


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Jmac said...

Good for Garland. Always good to hear feedback.

I've heard rumblings that Doug Lowry was going to run for Carter's seat as well.