Thursday, October 20, 2005

ABH Roundup

Letters, they get letters
  • Local attorney and REM connection weighs in on three-laning Prince. You know, we're going to have to blog about this eventually, but we're putting it off as long as we can.
There go the judge...
House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R) has gotten his panties all in a wad about the injunction filed against the Voter ID law. Richardson's solution? Term limit federal judges. Only problem is, that if Congress were to take a collective dump on 200+ years of judicial and Constitutional precedent, said changes would certainly be subject to judicial review. And who would be reviewing such a law...hmmm...hold on, it's coming to us...oh yeah! Federal judges! The douchebaggery that the GOP will emply in trying to beat this particular dead horse knows no bounds.
But our question is this: Why are the Republicans so afraid of having their little law upheld in a court of law? After all, if it were, wouldn't that validate the law and leave them with clean hands, politically speaking?
They're afraid because they know this thing is not Constitutional, but they've dug themselves into the hole now, so all they can do is rail against federal judges and throw around the same hackneyed "judicial activism" crap.

Just one LPDS thing today.
If we've learned nothing from the discourse here, it is that there are rational people with legitimate concerns about the project (who often get their rational comments drowned out in the public discourse.)
Friends, meet one of the drowners.
Adrian Fitzpatrick (not to be confused with local attorney Adrian Patrick, who is, as far as we know, a pretty stand up guy) writes in to the ABH today. The gist of his letter is, "I live nearby, and no one's opinion matters but mine and my neighbors' and all you folks on the west side who support this can go to hell!"
We respectfully disagree. This is a community issue, and our voices carry just as much weight as yours. The M & C have to weigh what the nearby residents (you, in this case) want, against what is best for the community at large (us). And, with all due respect, this stopped being a Cedar Creek issue when the Commissioner from Cedar Creek began airing his dirty laundry with the other Commissioners in the Athens Banner Herald. Also, we do have a vested interest in this. The precedent that the M & C set in this issue will go on to affect how things are done down the road in Cobbham, Five Points, Boulevard, and all over Athens.

Backwards spit goes here. Also, pissog and spoocs.


hillary said...

Not to mention that the people who live on the Eastside who support the rezoning are being minimized too.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall that Cedar Creek or the other eastside neighborhoods had a bake sale or a car wash to raise the money to build the speedway known as Cedar Shoals Drive. Cedar Shoals Drive belongs to all of us, I'm pretty sure.

Besides, after the way they lobbied to completely f**k up Gaines School Road, how can they complain about this?

LPDS may be the only thing that ever gets me back to the east side, again.

monticello_pres said...

Interesting point by anonymous.

What did the CCCA do to lobby and screw up GSR? Is it the "overlay" between CSD and Willowood shopping center that controlled growth and defined the types of business which should be allowed? If so, do you prefer the Barnett Shoals corridor or the GSR/Lexington Rd intersection better?

Or is it the role we played to defeat the ill conceived idea to "Heidi" GSR? Because I don't see the benefit of 3-laning a road that would connect 2 enlarged intersections/roadways and would connect much of Athens and Watkinsville to Lowes and Walmart)?

Curious for specifics regarding your not-so-insightful Monday morning QB assessment.

raven said...

Adrian Fitzpatrick is a regular on the ABH letters to the editor. He often just burps up repub "talking points".