Monday, October 17, 2005

LPDS Mailbag

In the ABH LPDS Mailbag today:

The noise issue rears its ugly head.  It reared its ugly head on the blog last night too, so we’ve pledged to get to the bottom of this.  Late last night, we emailed LPDS to ask them what type of live music they’re envisioning.  We’ve heard anecdotally that they’re thinking strolling guitarists, many opponents are (legitimately) nervous about 9-piece salsa bands.  We’ll post the LPDS response here as soon as we get it.  This is a big concern for east side opponents, and as blatant LPDS partisans, we’re happy to help allay any concerns on this issue to the best of our ability.
Meanwhile, in the ABH, letter writer worries about noise too.  Read it here.

East side resident says it’s a small world after all, at least at Caliente Cab.  Makes good points on C-N zoning.  

And someone is less than gruntled about the whole thing, and for the first time, ties in the Prince Avenue medical center thingamabob.  Reaches a level of snarkiness hitherto unknown to us.  Thanks for writing in, Bub, but remember that the ABH doesn’t have a “sarcastic” font.  

Mr. T pities the fool that don’t tip off AP.  


raven said...

Yea, well, the ABH did leave off the third point I made about Mollie Perry Kind and States and it ruined my little note. I also mentioned that "they" called us David Lynn Groupies. The way people have been drooling over how great States is one may wonder who the real groupies are. Snark are us.

raven said...

ps, they may not have a sarcastic font but at least you got it!