Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mid-Commission Update

Mid-Commission Update

Chances are that if you’re remotely interested in La Puerta Del Sol, you’re already either at the Commission meeting or tuned in on the boob tube (Channel 7).  But we’d like to update you briefly on what’s going on.  With one member of the crack editorial staff at the meeting, and the other (who unfortunately had a late class) watching at home, rest assured you’re getting the best local coverage you can find.  

Here’s a few points to note:
  • Mayoral hopeful Andy Rusk (thanks Andy!) talking in a heartfelt manner about buying sandwiches from Bruno Rubio when Caliente Cab was just a trailer in a vacant lot.  

  • Local business owner Annette Nelson (who ran against States McCarter in 2004) talking about the positive impact of the LPDS development.

  • A wide variety of residents (most from the East Side) saying good things about Bruno and LPDS.  This particular member of the editorial staff has heard no opposition to the plan since we tuned in at about 8:30 pm.

  • And hey, Matt and Bruno, the shirts look great!  Can we get one too?


Buck Laughlin said...

I wish these folks would sit down and shut up already and let the Commission act or not act.


Everything's been said, it's just that not everyone has said it yet.

Anonymous said...

Would it be impolitic to mention that no one who has spoken against La Puerta is younger than age 50 or darker than a pale eggshell color?

Publius said...

There you have it.

Anti-LPDS activist says, "We would welcome La Puerta Del Sol at any of the more appropriate locations in Clarke County."

Translation: NIMBY!!!! NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY!!!

Buck Laughlin said...

And all this is pointless: Bruno has asked the Commission to table.

Publius said...

The strategy of the Conservative Citizens Council...er...we mean Cedar Creek Civic Association seems to be this: Everyone wait until our President speaks, then pile on, so that anti-LPDS rhetoric is the last thing the Commission hears.

Pretty good strategy.

Publius said...

McCarter: I'm not a racist, I promise!! And I put together a homework project. Please validate me. Please!

Also, he invents more sketchy polling numbers. Apparently 95% of District 8 residents oppose LPDS. We'd like to see your methodology por favor. (That's Mexican for "please", Commissioner.)

Publius said...

Dodson: Y'all play nice.

Also, as far as the land use plan, we broke it, we gotta buy it. Cedar Shoals is zoned for development, and it's not like anything is champing at the bit to take over the Cofer's property.

And y'all play nice. And he agrees that States' polling is sketchy at best.

He's voting for the table. And, not to be snarky (we really mean it this time), but he sounds kind of upset. Is this a Commissioner who is actually torn between his choices?

Publius said...

Jordan: I'm not sure what to say, but I'm Carl Jordan, so I'm going to talk anyway.

According to Jordan, Cedar Shoals hasn't gotten any worse in the last twenty years. And, let's give some love to Tivoli and Barrington. (As a former Tivoli resident, I suddenly like Carl Jordan even more)

And, he's worried about the lateness of the hours that LPDS would stay open (Pardon my horrible syntax).

He's got questions (Shocking, we know), and of course, he's upset about the possibility of lights. (Carl Jordan is to lights what Lady MacBeth was to handwashing).

But he loves him some table.

Publius said...

Carter: Screw your polling, McCarter. The pro folks weigh more than the anti folks. Your 95% is horsepoop.

Publius said...

Hoard: Can we postpone more than 40 days?

She's undecided.

But she'll go for the table.

Publius said...

McCarter: Disputing the Carter weighing method with his own scientific polling.

Carter: Don't tell me what to do, young'un!

Jmac said...

That was tremendous.

We need live-blogging for this kind of thing!