Tuesday, October 11, 2005

John Barrow - WTF?? (Part Deux)

After yesterday's post about John Barrow, we thought we'd be able to leave him alone for awhile. After all, he's up there in Washington, DC where, as a back benching freshman Congressman, he can't really hurt anyone.

But then, a friend sent us a note this morning about some other, non-flag-burning-related John Barrow stuff that we feel compelled to mention.

During his race last year, Barrow was as proud as a peacock about his fundraising prowess. He raised money from all over Athens, all over the state, heck, all over the country. Money from activists, other politicians, personal friends, and...

Karl Rove's lawyer?


It breaks down like this. Robert Luskin, Rove's personal attorney, and his law firm Patton Boggs, are decent Democratic donors. Patton Boggs bunded some cash to Gore in 2000, and Luskin himself shelled out $2,750.00 to Democratic candidates last year, including a total of $1,000.00 to Barrow.

You know, we're not in the business of being apologists for any politicians here. If they screw the pooch, we call them on it.

But, there's not much of a story here, unless its the one about Karl Rove being so desperate for good legal counsel (not that Luskin is doing a particularly bang-up job in our opinion) that he forgets to check donor records.

In fact, most of your big time trial lawyers support Democrats. Why? Two words.

Tort reform.

The only trial lawyers who tend to support the GOP are the ones who defend the companies named in litigation, but that's a relatively small number.

Anyway, the only big question here is, how big are the legs on this story? We're guessing that they really aren't that big.

Of course, please check yesterday's post for evidence on the Barrow communications staff's proclivities to make press molehills into press mountains.

Still, having one's name mentioned on Wonkette is something of a status symbol in Beltway politics (translation: Hollywood for ugly people), and we're betting that Barrow is a trifle peeved that his first mention had to be in the same post with Karl Rove.

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