Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tables. Waiting.

Tables.  Waiting.

Well, we didn’t get an up-or-down vote, but this is still a victory for Bruno and La Puerta Del Sol.  Tabling this thing until November helps the cause.

We really believe that the anti-LPDS folks have shot their wad.  They’ve shown their opposition and they’ve shown the, well, for lack of a better word, the homogeneity of their ranks.

Bruno and his crew are (we hope) just getting started.  Now they’ve got the big Mo, and a following of people who are good and juiced up about this.  Now let’s see what they can do with the Mo.

And yeah, we’re going to keep bugging you about this until the first Tuesday in November.  

Although, we reckon you don’t have to worry about emailing States.  

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Jmac said...

Nice work fellas. I was wondering if someone would be doing some work on this. I opted to stay at home, enjoy a cold beer and catch it on TV.

Posted a long rant on my blog if you're interested.