Friday, October 07, 2005


Hi kids.

Hey, sorry we took an unannounced day off yesterday. You know how it is with work and all.

Anyway, just a few things to note (or "Note" with a capital n, if you're one of those little snots at ABC News.)

Safe As Houses hits the nail on the head, as far as multi-use pathways go. (You know, they're wider than sidewalks, got room for bikes, Athens should love 'em). Anyhoo, Jmac has been all over this one, like Britney Spears at the WalMart Back to School Sale.

Speaking of Jmac, in the same post, he explores an interesting angle on LPDS (and no, we will not shut up already about that. You've got less than a month, deal with it), that, frankly, we wish we would have picked up on. We'll send you over there to read it, but here's a hint. It involves States McCarter and Harry Sims.

And speaking of La Puerta Del Sol, you should know that there are going to be not one, but two informational meetings coming up this weekend. Both are going to be at Pollo Criollo (try the empanadas, they're delish!). One is today (Friday) at 5:30 p.m., the other is Sunday at 2 p.m. Rumor has it that following the second meeting, the LPDS crew is going to round up some volunteers and take it to the streets over on the east side.

One other piece of LPDS news, or really, it's more like analysis. We'd like to extend a laurel (and hearty handshake) to District 1 Commissioner Charles Carter. Charles never really says much about things like LPDS, but in the meeting Tuesday, he stood up (figuratively) and gave ol' States what fer as far as McCarter's sketchy polling methods. We approve so highly, that we're going to refrain from calling him Foghorn Leghorn for at least a week.

Finally, Georgia Democrats probably won't be challenging the new congressional districts in court, sez the ABH. John Lewis is less than thrilled about that, but as far as political money goes, every dollar we spend on a lawsuit is a dollar that we can't spend on winning races.

Of course the new districts are really going to screw local politico John Barrow. Of course, he wasn't going to win anyway. More on that at some nebulous later date.



Anonymous said...

Barrow is a pathetic representative. Athens will be better off with him and his district 90 miles away.

Publius said...

Just for the sake of argument, it isn't as if Charlie Norwood is going to be any better, at least for Athens.

Jmac said...

Amen to that. Who'd you rather have? An Athenian native who is hit-or-miss, or an uber-conservative guy from Columbia County who is doing everything he can to ignore the wishes of those in Northeast Georgia (with regard to I-3 ... which is overwhelmingly opposed in North Georgia).

At least Barrow thinks about Athens every once in a while. Norwood may visit Oconee County and then sneer at us liberal types as he speeds through.

hillary said...

Oh for fuck's sake. Can't we think both of them suck?

Jmac said...

It's all about the degress of suckage.

Publius said...

Well, that's pretty much a given. Anyway, I've apologized for John Barrow once now, so I should be good for the next year of talking aout how he is a bad, bad person.

Worse than that, and I never thought I'd say this, as a politician, he's proven to be, well, not quite ready for prime time. See, running to the right isn't going to work for him, because of one indisputable fact.

He has a "D" next to his name.

So, no matter how many gay marriage amendments he supports, no matter how many flag burnering amendments he supports, no matter how much he tries to espouse his own vague concept of "real Georgia values," he's still vulnerable to being labeled "the liberal trial lawyer from Athens."

And nothing, short of switching parties (which he'd never do - his fundraising would dry up faster than Jessica Simpson's mouth at a spelling bee), will change that fact.

Anonymous said...

Did you make up that Jessica Simpson/spelling bee analogy? Pretty solid comparison.


Publius said...

Yeah, apparently today is "Trash on Teen Pop Idols" day here at AP. Earlier, I said that Jmac was all over Alice Kinman's sidewalk proposal like Britney Spears at the WalMart Back to School Sale.

In retrospect, I should have said, "like Britney Spears at the going out of business sale at Skanks R' Us"

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

At least Norwood ran as a Republican. We know what to expect from him. Barrow changes with every election, every new district gets. His ideology is constantly in flux. Norwood will be gone soon enough, opening up a seat for a Democrat or a better Republican.

I just feel sorry for the 12th district.