Saturday, October 22, 2005

More on LPDS

As promised, here are a few extra thoughts and a little more information about the La Puerta del Sol postponement.

Of course, the ABH writes it up, and you can find that here.

Here’s the thing about LPDS. Although the less-rational and more strident wing of the anti-LPDS movement will try to spin it this way, this is at best a Pyrrhic victory for States and his followers. Fact is, that this just proves that Bruno is for real. There were community concerns, and in response to those, he volunteered to incur the extra expense of more site changes (some of which were necessary, some of which are, in our opinion, just sops to the Cedar Creek folks), and postpone his project for another three months.

Would Lowe’s do that? Would T.G.I. O’Chilibee’s? Nope, they’d be mass grading in Oconee County before you could say, “smart development.”

For that matter, would most of our local businesses go to this much trouble to appease the Cedar Creek Civic Association? Probably not, and indeed, one of the sane LPDS opponents (who actually has real reasons for being opposed) mentioned the numerous problems caused by Cedar Pointe, who promised more than they’ve (so far) delivered.

In any event, this is a good thing for both Cedar Creek and LPDS. We can only assume that the new site plans, which are dramatic enough to require a second trip through the Planning Commission, will reflect the legitimate concerns expressed by east side residents. (Sorry Ms. Wood, changing the menu to a KFC franchise is not an option.)

And that’s going to be a good thing for everyone concerned. Bruno continues to look like a responsible member of the neighborhood that so far still wants to deny him access, and, we hope that Cedar Creekians are going to see their input in the new plans.

And hey, if this thing doesn’t pass in February? Well, enjoy your vacant lot, east side. You earned it.

Coming soon, more on this (in a shock to absolutely no one). We’re also going to talk a little about this public transit thing.

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hillary said...

No link to States's column accusing Heidi of manipulating the issue (if I read it correctly)?