Friday, October 28, 2005

Two unintentionally funny headlines

Hey kids. There's more serious political stuff on the next post down, but it's Friday and we wanted to lighten things up. Happy Indictment Day, everybody, and a merry Fitzmas to all.

It isn't often that we're blessed with two unintentionally funny headlines in the ABH, and these two might be the best since "Jefferson Water Affected by Taint."

Headline 1. (That's got to be either sexual or painful, but we aren't sure which)

Headline 2. (We knew she was a bit of a brown-noser, but this is a level of sycophancy that is purely re-donkulous.)

Also, a good and work-safe link to check out.

Political? Well the headlines aren't, but hey. It's Friday, and at least half of your crack editorial staff is punchy from being up all night working.


Anonymous said...

Both links go to the same article?

--Karate Media

Publius said...

See above post.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Blame Hillary for the direct link to this post...