Monday, October 03, 2005

La Puerta Del Sol Madness, One Day Left

Two letters in the ABH today about LPDS.

One guy writes in to say that States isn't a racist. Ok, we'll buy that. We actually agree. States isn't a racist, he's just a stubborn, cantankerous, angry lame-duck commissioner who has his political panties in a wad because Bruno Rubio didn't kiss his ring and beg him to shepherd the LPDS project through the Commission.

Someone who is presumably a Cedar Creek resident reminds people that States McCarter and the Cedar Creek Homeowner's Association doesn't speak for everyone.

Hey, the big meeting is tomorrow. Bruno and Matt ask that everyone interested in supporting LPDS show up at 6pm at City Hall. Apparently, they've got some big doings planned. We're looking forward to this one.

Did you email your Commissioners yet? Check here for their addresses.


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DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Sounds like it's even worse than I thought. Not only are the neighborhood associations opposing LPDS without questioning the facts behind it, they are opposing it without even asking their residents what they think about it. Is this how we want the democratic decisions of this county being made? If your answer is no, do what Publius suggested; get out those emails, and get out to the meeting tomorrow night.