Tuesday, October 04, 2005

LPDS, possibly the last time we'll beg you to email your Commissioners on this one

Hi kids.

So, anything interesting happening in the Classic City today? Hmm...let us think...oh yeah!

The Commission is voting on La Puerta Del Sol tonight!

After weeks and weeks of opining, name-calling, a little bit of race-baiting, and a lot of angry babbling (by one Commissioner in particular), this thing is finally going to come up to a vote tonight.

We'll start with our usual call to email the Commission. There's still time, if you haven't made your feelings known yet. If you have been a good citizen and made your opinions known, then hey, do it again. Here are your relevant email addresses.

Mayor: Heidi Davison
District 1: Charles Carter
District 2: Harry Sims (no email. Boooo!)
District 3: George Maxwell
District 4: Alice Kinman
District 5: David Lynn
District 6: Carl Jordan
District 7: Kathy Hoard
District 8: States McCarter
District 9: Tom Chasteen
District 10: Elton Dodson

Finally, we thought we'd leave you with a few open-ended questions to think over.

  • If this thing passes, will States McCarter explode into a mushroom cloud of cantankerous huffiness?
  • If it doesn't pass, will Bruno et al seek to redevelop elsewhere in town?
  • What, if any, retribution will States seek against those Commissioners who dare to vote for LPDS?
  • How does the vote (whichever way it goes) affect politics in the Cedar Creek Homeowner's Association?
  • Why hasn't States' hand-picked District 8 successor spoken up on this? For that matter, why hasn't Annette Nelson, who ran against him last year?
  • If this doesn't pass, was the community really against it, or was the part of the community against it better organized?
We're just curious. Look for coverage on this tonight. And fer Pete's sake, email your Commissioners! (Everyone has two, just like boobies)

Don't be fooled by the scoops that we got. We're still Athens Politics from the block.


RandomThoughts said...

This meeting will be televised on channel 7 tonight.

hillary said...

Isn't Annette Nelson on the Chamber of Commerce or something now?

Can we propose a movie idea if it passes in which States bicycles slowly from house to house exactly vengeance slowly and painfully?

I can't make it to the commission meeting, but I'll be watching on the TV.

Anonymous said...

Annette does support it, and voted to support it as chair of the Chamber this year. LPDS is really a no-brainer.... States is kowtowing to big box, corporate giant Lowe's and in a pissing match over a locally owned, Latin themed entertainment complex that is much smaller. Hilarious.


Publius said...

I'm not going to be there either, unfortunately (stupid late classes), although I may try to catch the end. Rest assured that the other half of the crack editorial staff will be attending though.

As far as a movie goes, are you thinking documentary or do we get to cast it too?

He couldn't bicycle though; we'd have to appropriate money for the dreaded bike lanes.

hillary said...

But he _does_ bicycle. He's bicycled up to my house.