Thursday, October 13, 2005

LPDS: The ABH Mailbag

Three letters in the ABH over la Puerta del Sol today:

East side resident is 100% gruntled about McCarter's representation. Key quote: "I can only fervently wish other elected officials worked as untiringly as he in the interests of those he serves."
We couldn't agree more. For the people he actually serves (meaning Cedar Creek residents) States works very hard. But we only wish he would work as untiringly for everyone who lives in the district he represents.

Armchair economist lectures us about the market and capitalist theory. Problem is, the US (and ACC, by extension) isn't a pure capitalist society. Also, instead of reversing an existing spot zoning decision, we should just rewrite the whole land use plan. Tough to tell which side this guy is on, since he also points out that the arguments against LPDS based on traffic and noise are bogus too. Key statement: "I would also add that the government should not get into the business of bailing out failed businesses by rezoning their property."
Agreed. Of course, as we pointed out yesterday, the zoning that allowed Cofer's to build in the first place was the spot zoning. Not this.

And finally, in one letter writer's opinion, the kids are alright. Sort of.

Also, dig this. As postulated yesterday, there may be more to the Pollo Criollo story than originally thought. Jmac gets the scoopy scoop scoop.


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