Friday, October 21, 2005

UnhUh...No She Dinhit!

Holy crap. This is one of the most absurd comments I've heard in all of the LPDS debate. In Margaret Wood's letter today, she says the following: "The market for Hispanic food in the Cedar Shoals Drive area is already saturated by Mexicali Grille, La Fiesta and Taco Bell." That's like saying the market for American food has been saturated by McDonald's, Burger King, and AppleBee's, so who needs the Porterhouse Grill? Besides, all three of those are Mexican, and fast-food or TexMex Mexican at that, and not the South American fare that Bruno is known for. But, you know, I guess I'm splitting hairs to make that fine of a distinction (sarcastic grin).


Jmac said...

Amen to that.

And is there really all of this opposition to LPDS ... or is it just Margaret Wood?

Buck Laughlin said...

And I agree with Johnathon. That is one stoopid beeyatch.

Publius said...

I love it when we're bipartisan.

hillary said...


Not that there's not other Latin-American food on the Eastside (Montecristo Restaurant), but it's such an ignorant thing to say.

monticello_pres said...

See, this is where the rest of us who have opposition to this rezoning issue just cringe. Absolutely cringe.

If I didn't honestly believe that Bruno and Matt were good guys, the conspiracy theorist in me might just suspect they were using this pen name "Margaret whatever" to decredit logical arguements for the opposition.

Goodness gracious.

Publius said...

No conspiracy theories necessary. I have it on good authority (sorry, I can't name names) that comments in a similar vein (ie, there are already too many Mexican restaurants on the east side) were also made by someone to at least a few of the commissioners.


And I agree that Bruno and Matt are good guys, which perhaps explains why they're having political trouble.

raven said...

Throw in this idiot Mollie Perry King with her BS. Buncha blue-haired ol' ladies scraed of their own shadows.

monticello_pres said...

It's a shame that is out there, but that "we have enuf furner joints" isn't any part of the CCCA discussion. Nor is it of any of the hundreds of peoples that I have spoken with. Again, our contention is zoning.

Based on some rumors this afternoon, though, all points may be moot right now. We'll see if the debate continues or if the request gets pulled.

Publius said...

See above for confirmation of said rumors.

I'm pretty confident (as, I would imagine, are most of the rational folks on our side of the deabte) that Ms. Wood's comment is in no way indicative of the intelligent concerns about LPDS.

andyrusk said...

Yeah. Uh huh.

Maybe if Rubio can't get his rezone, Stewart Cofer will sell the place to me.

I'll open a 4 star restaurant with a few little shops and call it Pilgrim Plaza... no "plaza" is too ethnic...

How about Pilgrim Place?
I'll serve white bread.

The neighborhood ought to love that.

monticello_pres said...

Andy, that may fit well into your stand up routine but it doesn't do much for anyone's impression of your civic enlightenment. I do like the white bread addition, though. If only you had added crackers to the menu.

If you have spent any time researching the viewpoints of the CCCA board and the other neighborhoods united in this debate (not the fringe on either side), you know this is about zoning and zoning only. It doesn't matter if it's Rubio's business, an Outback, a Macaroni Grill, or the 2nd coming fo Last Resort. It's about the C-N zone.

Once that C-N cat is out of the bag, there is no putting it back in. You know that. And while many say precedent doesn't matter when considering these types of spot rezones, that is hogwash.

If this were approved what is next?
Well, I already have an answer for you. Several drug stores (2 specifically) are looking for land (they have a specific parcel in mind) and looking for a C-N zone just down the street. I'll add in "allegedly" since they haven't filed anything... they are just beginning the research process. But I have seen their communications personally.

Best I can predict, we will again be opposed. Ironically, the drug stores ARE American owned and operated so no fun ethnic bias this time around. Darn, that takes away that cute little racist arguement. Maybe you'll have to go the route that the east-side neighborhoods don't want to give senior citizens access to medicine. That may work.

I am intrigued by Bruno and Matt pulling this petition and trying to rework the site. They already have plans in mind based on the ABH article today (Sat, 10/22). Unfortunately, none of their modifications do anything to appease the only concerns voiced from the neighborhood boards - zoning.

So until they find a C-O appropriate business (the PD designation can be dropped with little to no effort), there will be little support from those on the east side. We are not going to lose CSD to the likes of Barnett Shoals Rd (in front of Kroger) or Atlanta Hwy without a fight.

And, as I have mentioned here several times, now may be the appropriate time for the commissioners to seriously consider an "overlay" on CSD. This would define the types of business allowed - much like Gaines School Road between Bank of America and Willowood. And it would be one debate which would end with consistency. It would not be many individual debates ending with a hodge-podge of development.

Publius said...

Monticello, with all due respect (and I mean that - you're one of the only logical folks I've heard from your side of the debate), if GSR between BOA and Willowood is a good example of what the overlay can do for a neighborhood, I'd hate to see a bad one. Alpharetta, perhaps?

And, while the boards may have only cited zoning as their big concern (which is what boards should be concerned with) numerous residents were concerned about noise, etc.

So, I think this is a postive step for LPDS, and I'll stick with my original point. If those drug stores don't go through the same process of soliciting community input that Bruno has, then I'll be right there by you, as I hope you would be for me if it were my neighborhood. And hey, despite what some of your neighbors say, you're more than welcome to talk about stuff in my barrio, baby.

monticello_pres said...

I appreciate your logic and kind words. I have certainly been disappointed with some of tactics in the opposition. Especially those in the most visible spots. But no one is perfect and mistakes happen. And like my HS football coach used to say, if you are going to make mistakes, make them aggressive. Don't make mistakes standing around with your finger in your nose. No one can criticize States for that.

I also do not necessarily disagree with your point. Bruno, Matt, and the LPDS group has tried to be sensitive to community input and concerns. Other than look elsewhere, they can't do anything about the zoning concerns. So they are going all out on the noise, design, etc. There were mixed signals thrown up early - for whatever reasons - but those seem to have passed.

As I have said, my concern still rests in that C-N zone. I don't think it's as simple as "give it to Matt and Bruno because they are good folks" and "don't give it to the drug store folks" (or TGI O'Chilihorns) because they may not be as responsive. That zone, like any zoning, is contagious. We have the gym and/or Perrys that have been grandfathered at this zone since before we called it C-O and C-N. Now you consider adding the Cofers site. Then what? Then the other C-O sites or the residential folks think about the jingle in their pockets and you see it spread. Because, after you give it to one or two, it's discrimination not to give it to the others. Right?

Then, when my 1st grader is starting high school, CSD is another Atlahta Hwy and we've lost the entire CSD corridor.

OK, I stopped just short of predicting the sky falling. And you still may think I've gone overboard with this. But I don't think I have. Because I know commissioners and I know developers. Neither have proven to me to have the restraint or the foresight to prevent my scenario from happening. So my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, are to stay away from that slippery slope of individual site rezones. Spot rezones if you will.

In the time we have fought about this, an oriental restaurant has opened down the street (in an appropriately zoned space), a Taquiera has opened on Lexington Hwy (at the Loop - in a free standing appropriately zoned space), and other sites sit vacant while also already appropriately zoned. More are on the way - likely to arrive around that February date.

Regardless of what happens, I would love to have a margarita at LPDS with all you folks and toast the democratic republic that allows our input and let's us beat this horse into the debate graveyard. Of course, I hope we are having that drink on Lexington Hwy rather than on CSD... I just don't think enough commissioners are going to side with States on this.

As a P.S. - I am absolutely amazed at the lack of research that the ABH puts into their articles. Blake's research is half-@$$ed at best yet he is the most accomplised. Jason Winders pops off today as an expert when he has obviously done about as much research on this topic as he has on molecular biology. Assessing a story based on the letters to the editor would be similar to asking Bob Barr and Hillary Clinton - and considering that broad research. You are seeing the poles but not the continents in between. Just my 2 cents worth there.

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

I agree with my partner in crime about you being the most coherent spokesperson for your side, Monticello. I still respectfully disagree, of course, mainly because I do think this is an appropriate location for LPDS, and because I think the other "available" sites that are already appropriately zoned are not in actuality appropriate for what Bruno wants to do.

I think part of the divide between the two sides here involves just that point. Those opposed tend to view this as "just another Mexican restaurant" (no disrespect to you personally, monticello, but unfortunately similar comments have come from many more than just one person on your side), while those for it envision it as much more than that. I think the totality of the experience that Bruno wants to create is very difficult to do in most if not all other locations.

I do, however, understand your concerns about the precedent that is set for future development (I really do; I'm not just saying that to be congenial). Given the fact that the overall land use plan has the entire corridor set to be commercial, I personally feel that mixed-use would be preferential for the entire corridor; but perhaps that's just because I have a bit of mixed-use fetish. Whether or not I'm right, I think it would be useful, as Dodson and you have suggested, to use the extra time we now have to reconsider the overall land use plan and perhaps make some changes. Perhaps some sort of compromise could be reached that allows the rezone for LPDS but clarifies that the rest of the CSD corridor will not be similarly developed.

monticello_pres said...

I appreciate the forum that continues to exist here. And I appreciate your thoughts on this. I cannot disagree that Bruno and Matt have much more in mind than another Taco Stand or Mexicali. I won't even mention Taco Bell as I still find that a humerously sad comparison from a few "letters" ago. Again, though, once they are gone that C-N and its effects last forever.

I look forward to reading more about the transportation issues, the 'Heidificiation' of Prince Avenue, the ways Elton will avoid States and his "flaming bags of dog poo", and I am sure a little more about LPDS.