Sunday, October 09, 2005

ABH puts its stank on LPDS

The ABH was all over LPDS like brown on fried rice today. There were three pieces on the issue. In the main editorial, ABH points to how divided the community is on the issue, meanwhile debunking all of the stated rationales for opposition. Next, there was an editorial piece in the business section by Don Nelson, pointing out how foolish it would be to pass up this opportunity to let Bruno work his magic on the east side, and also addressing the weakness of the reasons for opposition. Finally, Blake Aeud’s In the Loop piece paints a vivid picture of the internal struggle of the Commission over the issue, and how it played out last week.

Word has it there was also an ABHer snooping around the 2 p.m. Sunday informational meeting at Pollo Criollo; good chance we'll see additional ABH coverage soon.

All of this bodes well for LPDS, with States and the rest of the opposition looking sillier every day, and the real facts finally getting around.

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