Monday, September 26, 2005

Updating the La Puerta Del Sol Whip Count

Per a story in Sunday's ABH.

In Favor: 0
Leaning favorable: 2 (Dodson, Chasteen)
Undecided/Unknown: 5 (Carter, Sims, Lynn, Jordan, Hoard)
Leaning unfavorable: 1 (Kinman)
Opposed: 1 (McCarter)
Out of Town: 1 (Davison)
Abstaining: 1 (Maxwell)

We're chalking up Dodson and Chasteen as leaners instead of supporters right now, because, according to Blake's story, they support LPDS, but may not want to piss States off. Really guys, he's a lame duck, go ahead and piss him off.

We'd also be willing to bet that David Lynn is leaning favorable too, but can't confirm it. For now, pending confirmation from one of you folks out there, we'll leave him at undecided.

As always, here are the email addresses for you to do some lobbying of your very own.

(Not voting) Mayor: Heidi Davison
(Unknown) District 1: Charles Carter
(Unknown) District 2: Harry Sims (no email. Boooo!)
(Not voting) District 3: George Maxwell
(Leaning Against) District 4: Alice Kinman
(Unknown) District 5: David Lynn
(Unknown) District 6: Carl Jordan
(Unknown) District 7: Kathy Hoard
(Opposed) District 8: States McCarter
(Leaning Towards)District 9: Tom Chasteen
(Leaning Towards)District 10: Elton Dodson

Let us have it. Right here.

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