Monday, September 26, 2005

A Few Choice Quotations

In RE: La Puerta Del Sol.

"The negative comments came from my constituents who have studied all the issues involved and contacted me.
I believe Commissioner Dodson is getting the same vibes?[emphasis ours]" (States McCarter, email 09/01/05)

"Again, Commissioner Dodson and I discouraged you folks in every way possible..." (States McCarter, email 09/01/05)

"Understandable, but Commissioner Dotson [sic] and I have to be concerned about the total picture in regards to Eastside development.[implying that Dodson did not support the La Puerta Del Sol project]" (States McCarter, email 09/01/05)

"If I vote for this, States and I are through." (Commissioner Elton Dodson, who according to the ABH, "likes the concept," as quoted in the Athens Banner-Herald, 09/25/05)

We're just saying.

Tell us all about it.

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