Thursday, September 22, 2005

We are terrible people (and other mishmash)

Not much posting today, unfortunately. Your crack editorial staff is still nursing something of an intellectual hangover following yesterday's mammoth post about La Puerta del Sol and States McCarter.

But, since you asked, there are a few things on our minds today.

First of all, we're terrible people. Local blogger and potential ACC Commission Candidate Jmac has been a regular AP commenter, and has been saying some pretty nice things about us over at his blog. Somehow, we forgot to add his link to the ol' blogroll. It should be up now, and we apologize for the oversight.

Speaking of States and LPDS, there's been some speculation on the ol' blog here that States' opposition might be, shall we say, racially motivated. For the record, we think he's got an agenda, but it's not that agenda. Now you are entitled to your own opinion, and we're glad people are talking about this. While we don't think there's a racist angle here, there is no doubt that, to paraphrase Andy Rusk, race is the two-ton elephant in the room, as far as local politics go.

We think that States just has a bad case of NIMBY-itis, and call us idealistic, but we'd like to think (we hope at any rate) that he'd be just as stubborn and cantankerous if it was a guy named Wilhelm wanting to open up a multi-use schnitzelgarten. Or a guy named Hamish, wanting to crank up an all-you-can-eat haggis bar.

The final point on the LPDS stuff for the night is this: If you haven't emailed your commissioners (two, just like boobies), then you're letting them off easy, regardless of which side of the issue you're on. And apropos of that, we're considering keeping a very unofficial whip count here on the ol' blog of how the votes are going to fall come October 4th. To that end, the first person in each district (district 8 doesn't count, for obvious reasons) who emails us with a response from a Commissioner indicating how they're leaning, will earn our undying gratitude. We're also looking into getting some AP swag (or possibly tchotchkes), so that might be in the offing too.

The current LPDS whip count is:

1 opposed (McCarter)
1 presumbly opposed (Dodson, based on McCarter's email)
8 unknown

Help us out here.

We'd also like to extend a laurel, and hearty handshake, to the fine folks who have been keeping us in the anonymous source business. Thanks!

Ok, that's it for now. We'll post some more tomorrow. Look for an exciting new investigative report from DiDDY entitled, "What's Really in David Lynn's Lint Trap?" (Hint: It's not Carl Jordan's lighting ordinance)

Should be a good news day.

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DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Just an additional thought on States and whether this thing is racially motivated. I would have to agree, I suppose, as others have said, including the better half of the crack editorial staff, that it is not out-and-out racism. In fact, I never meant to imply that, although others are certainly free to infer what they will. I do think, though, that States approaches this whole thing with a level of skepticism and distrust that he would not have if it were simply some dude wanting to set up a nice restaurant and some offices with no particular theme. I agree also that States has a NIMBY thing going on; I just think he's quicker to call NIMBY (or, as in South Park, declare shenanigans) because of the particular characteristics of the proposed development.

Jmac said...

I'm not sure it's race at all, but perhaps I'm naive on this matter. I just think he doesn't want that there and is looking for a pet project to take on. Granted, some people who side with McCarter may have some sort of silly prejudices at work here, but it's possible not a majority view.

I just think States had his ear bent by someone on this, didn't like the idea of this development and then got miffed from what he perceived (wrongly in my book) as Casey and Rubio mistreating the process to obtain rezoning. He's dug his heels in now and can't back down ... especially considering he's become a lame duck commissioner now. He's got to stay relevant and this is a way to do it.

Jmac said...

Oh .. and thanks for the love!

That's a strong 'potential' by any campaign on my part!

Publius said...

Here's what I don't understand. To me, what Casey and Rubio have been doing is simply pretty good PR, nothing more, nothing less. Am I missing something, or does Senator Tankerbell,errr..I mean Commissioner McCarter have his panties in a wad for no good reason?

Publius said...

Bonus points to the first person who catches the Senator Tankerbell reference and can explain it.

hillary said...

Y'all are funny. It ain't the first time the comparison's been made.

Publius said...

Sigh. Hillary, hillary, there nothing we can do that you haven't done first?

We are truly humbled by our unintentional plagarism. And we're going to head right down the basement here at Athens Politics Global HQ (where we keep the interns) and whip them until they come up with original jokes.

But hey, at least this bolsters our sketch comedy street cred.

Publius said...

Also, Hillary now has 14 points for the day.