Friday, September 23, 2005

Updating the LPDS Whip Count

Thanks to an anonynous tipster, we've managed to learn that District 4 Commissioner Alice Kinman is leaning towards "no" on the Oct. 4 vote.

Our tipster explains that Kinman (who is a pretty decent sort of Commissioner, and has some faboo ideas about sidewalks) likes the idea, but is hearing mostly opposition from the community. That could mean we are in the minority here, or it could mean that we're not doing our jobs and contacting the M&C with our side of the story.

Either way, it sounds to the crack editorial staff like Commissioner Kinman is not fully decided, and could be persuaded, if she sees some support out there for this.

So fire up the emails! Hit her with some blog-lobbying (or blobbying, if you will) right here.

The current whip count:

In Favor: 0
Leaning favorable: 0
Undecided/Unknown: 7 (Carter, Sims, Maxwell, Lynn, Jordan, Hoard, Chasteen)
Leaning unfavorable: 2 (Dodson, Kinman)
Opposed: 1 (McCarter)

Thanks again to our anonymous source. Be like that, give us the good stuff here.


Adrian said...

What issue are you even talking about? Can we expand the acronym?

Publius said...

LPDS = La Puerta del Sol, a proposed multi-use development on the old Cofers lot on the east side (Cedar Shoals Dr.). The LPDS development is going to incorporate living space and shopping, with the centerpiece being a Latin-themed resturant.
The whole LPDS shebang is the brainchild of Athens resturanteur Bruno Rubio (Caliente Cab/Salsa Rock, Pollo Loco/Pollo Criollo), and is facing significant (and in our opinion, silly and poorly reasoned) opposition from ACC District 8 Commissioner States McCarter.

For background, if anyone is interested, see:

La Puerta del Sol - Official Site
Athens Politics Post
Another Athens Politics post