Thursday, September 01, 2005


For fans of the-restaurant-formerly-known-as-Caliente-Cab, and its affiliated eateries owned by Bruno Rubio, please note that the ACC Planning Commission is meeting tonight to discuss whether Rubio will be granted permission to develop his new mixed-use concept, La Puerta de Sol, at the old Cofer's location on the east side.
Rubio and his partners have been more than forthcoming with soliciting input from the community, as you can tell by paying a quick visit to the la Puerta de Sol website.
This is the kind of development we need in Athens. A community business owner, with strong community ties, actively seeking community input, and trying to bring diversity to the (we'll say it again) community.
The end result of this meeting will be a decision by the Planning Commission to recommend to the ACC Commission (the folks we vote for every few years) whether La Puerta de Sol is allowed to continue, or whether Rubio's request to build will be denied. The ACC Commission is set to make their final, binding decision on October 4th.
Now's the time to be a citizen lobbyist. If you believe that good developers make good neighbors, that the east side deserves locally-owned dining establishments, that entrepreneurs should be rewarded for playing by the rules and involving local residents in the development process, or even if you just believe in the awesome healing power of the Cuban Special with a side of tostones, now's the time. Email your Commissioners (everyone has two, just like boobies), and let 'em know that you're pro-Bruno.

Find your Commissioners' contact info here.

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