Thursday, September 15, 2005

Andy Rusk Speaks Out

As you dedicated readers out there know (all 4 of you, and we appreciate your support), we posted about States McCarter's withdrawal from the race for mayor, and also briefly mentioned local carpenter Andy Rusk's entrance into same.

Andy was kind enough (and apparently spends waaaaaaaay too much time on the internet, if he found us) to comment on our post, and since he's the first candidate to reach out to us, we want to post his comment here as a post of its own.

Andy, thanks for reading, and stay in touch, pal.

Here's his comment, in toto.

andyrusk said...

howdy folks,

until I get up and running I'll try and keep up with the jibber jabber over here.

the whole bit about "publicizing my personal beliefs", etc. are Blake Aued's words, not my own. So was just about everything else attributed to me.

no harm no foul.

ps. I object to the mass grading ordinance because it's silly to expect a construction site to look nice. Where erosion control becomes an issue, I say fine the hell out of the bastards, but we already have such laws in place. What we lack is adequate enforcement, ask the EPD.

pps. I got no love for developers. I sweat for a living.
The right makes me sick to my stomach.

ppps. anybody wanna rap politics, email me:


Publius said...

No hard feelings, Andy. We've all felt the awesome power of an ABH misquote.

Anonymous said...

yes but where does he stand on potty parity?

Jmac said...

Kudos to Rusk. Any candidate actually willing to engage the electorate - and through a blog no less - scores some points in my book. I'll need a little more explanation on the mass grading ordinance from him, but he's got me interested at least.

Anonymous said...

Love it when a mayoral candidate calls folks bastards in some of his first public communications. There's some passion.


hillary said...

Me too (interested, that is). The question is: Will Andy Rusk ramp it up from "bastards"? Can we get him to say "fuck" in a public forum?

Publius said...

Don't forget our favorite word here on AP? How 'bout it Andy, who'd you like to call a "douchebag?"

On second thought, you might not want to do that. I'm sure Blake Aued is lurking around here someplace, and he's probably still trying to fill column inches for "in the loop."

hillary said...

Come on. How many votes would Rusk get just by being willing to let fly with the expletives?

Jmac said...

How's this?

From the Banner-Herald in Sept. 2001:

''Everyone wants to run off and join the circus as a kid,'' says Stabtacular (a.k.a. 21-year-old University of Georgia drama major Andy Rusk). ''It's not a real circus, I know, but it's fun and we get free beer.''

hillary said...

Woo! A candidate that is in favor of free beer.

Also, Allison's the assistant metro editor these days.

andyrusk said...

Don't count on me dropping the f-bomb- it's not very creative. I do frequently pepper my speech with "douchebag".

Just got off the phone with my legal advisor, who says it's okay if I make bumperstickers that read:

"Ralph Reed is Skeletor. Andy Rusk for Mayor."

Jmac said...

I probably shouldn't base my vote on that kind of thing, but it is winning me over.

hillary said...

Me too! All of us!

Anonymous said...

That Jibber Jabber thing reminded me of Mr. T.

"Got no time fo' tha Jibba jabba!"