Sunday, September 25, 2005

School's out!

But why? As everyone out there knows, the Gubner decided to shut down the schools for Monday and Tuesday to conserve gas. (Press release here)

Now, hindsight is 20-20, but after a weekend in which we learned that the refineries weren't too badly hit, and in which the gas prices at our local fuel stop remained virtually unchanged (we highly recommend, by the way, the RaceTrac on Atlanta Highway, just past the mall. Cheap gas and friendly staff), we've got to question the wisdom of this move.

It seems that the end result of this executive order was: 1. a lot of pissed off parents (they have to go to work, and find daycare), and 2. a little mini-panic on Friday. We saw gas lines begin to rear their ugly heads again, albeit not as badly as we saw immediately after Katrina.

The Gubner's got to realize that executive actions have major repercussions. We believe, and have heard no credible evidence to the contrary, that the Gubner's suspension of school probably caused folks to believe that there was much more of a problem than was actually the case, precipitating a run on gas stations across the state. Fortunately, supply wasn't interrupted and prices stayed under control.

We think we know why the Gov did it though. As we noted a few weeks ago, Bill Shipp had some pretty laudatory things to say about the Gubner and his post-Katrina response. Maybe he was going for a second act? We think so.

Too bad this one has backfired so far.

By the way, a word to the wise for candidates Cox and Taylor. The Gubner, despite this, is establishing his credibility on gas prices. Shouldn't you guys be saying some stuff about that too?

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