Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Voter ID Bill, day 2

Just in case you weren't incensed enough about the Voter ID law that we talked about yesterday, here are a few more tidbits for you.

Despite the Chicken Little rhetoric of Senate Majority Leader Bill Stephens (R-Canton), who was the head cheerleader on this bill when it was before the legislature, the voter fraud sky ain't exactly falling in the Peach State. In fact, during the two terms that Cathy (with a C) Cox has been serving as Secretary of State, and thus the number one election official in the state, the number of reported incidents of voter fraud in Georgia has been low.

Surprisingly low. Like Zero.

Zilch, nada, nil, none, nunca. So again, we wonder what the real purpose of this bill was. We'll be blunt. It is no less than a brazen attempt to disenfranchise minority, low-income, and elderly voters, who coincidentally tend to vote Democratic. Bill Stephens, we'll note again, is a Republican. As is the majority of both houses of the state legislature who passed the law. As is the governor who signed it into law. It's not a conspiracy when it's this blatant.

And speaking of Bill Stephens, far be it from the humble folks here at Athens Politics to ever
dream of criticizing the glorious leadership of the Republican Party here in Georgia. And we know that Bill Stephens is the man to head up all of the Republican Party's efforts to fight election fraud in Georgia.

After all, Stephens himself was fined $14,000.00 a few years ago for campaign ethics violations.

(Apropos of nothing, Stephens also used to work for Zell Miller, back when Miller was the Lieutenant Governor. Stephens also did a four month stint as Zell's press secretary after Zell was elected Governor - until he was fired for being too much of a publicity hog. Given Zell's propensity for seeking out the limelight, that's saying a lot)

So you'll forgive us if we don't think too highly of Bill Stephens. Or his racist, douchebag voter ID law.

We love information. Give us some.

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