Friday, September 30, 2005

One more post on LPDS, and then I'll shut up (maybe)

As we come within a few days of the vote, I feel I've gotta touch on this one again, even though we've just about beat it into the ground. Here's a sample comment from the LPDS website that I wanna talk about:

"I first heard about La Puerta Del Sol in a newsletter that I received from my eastside commissioner. In the newsletter this commissioner was very strongly opposed to the project and was encouraging me to view the project in a negative way as well. I decided to take the time to get to know more about La Puerta Del Sol by attending a meeting and learning the details for myself. I went to the meeting and I discussed many of the concerns, that my commissioner was projecting on the project, with the actual developers and Bruno (the owner). When I left that meeting I was in complete support of the project and I could not understand why my commissioner was trying to convince me otherwise. I view La Puerta Del Sol as a wonderful asset to our community and especially to the eastside of Athens!"

Now granted, this is anecdotal evidence from the website promoting the project, so it's hardly conclusive or free from bias. It's entirely possible that there's just as much anecdotal evidence on the other side. My concern is that many of those opposed did not do the independent investigation that this individual did, and simply oppose LPDS based on the contents of States' newsletter. Given what was obviously a campaign by States to sabotage this thing, he certainly is in no position to criticize the legitimate PR efforts of the LPDS gang.

Elton, if you read this before the vote, I certainly hope you will consider this evidence when you are weighing the heavy opposition that you say the neighborhood associations have expressed.

As for this member of the crack editorial staff, I intend to be there Tuesday before 6, to see what these "Silent Supports" are all about. I'm sure that I will end up becoming one of them, whatever they turn out to be. Hope to see you all there.

Viva la puerta


Jmac said...

Viva la puerta indeed!

I'm planning on attending the meeting as well. See you fellas there?

DoorMATT said...
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DoorMATT said...

Tuesday 6:00 PM.... I am thinking it will be Silent, yet VERY LOUD!!!

andyrusk said...

I reckon I 'll be there, too. Kinda curious to see who brings up the "r" word, or if it come s up at all.