Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Anti-Bush Protestors Decorate Art Building, Pro-Bush Protestors Trash Anti-Bush Art, James Madison Chuckles Softly to Himself

Tim posts pictures over at AthensWorld.

It may be sappy, but hey. Times like this remind us how much we love the 1st Amendment.

And in the spirit of the 1st Amendment, we'd like to point out how the (presumably) pro-Bush vandals have done a much better job than any Democrat could ever do at underscoring the anti-First Amendment feelings of most neo-conservatives.

"It doesn't agree with us! Let's destroy it immediately!!!"

We love the First Amendment. Too bad some of our fellow-citizens don't love it too. This, by the way, unfortunately includes our local Congressman, who recently voted in favor of a Constitutional amendment banning flag-burning.

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