Monday, September 19, 2005

Andy, We Hardly Knew Ye...

Ok, not really. But an anonymous source (whose name starts with "h", ends with "y" and has an "ilar" in the middle - visit her blog, she's not mysterious like us) was kind enough to shoot this photo to us over the weekend.

(Andy is the one on the left, pointing diffidently, which is kind of how we've always pictured him anyway)

You know, here at the ol' blog, your crack editorial staff have become fans of Andy Rusk. We like his plain-spoken style, and his willingness to say what he thinks about things. We're also kind of glad that we aren't working on his campaign, because that style that endears him to us here on AP is also the same style that tends to give campaign managers ulcers. Most of all though, we like the fact that he is using the "blogosphere" (man we hate that word!) to reach out to the voters. We don't want to toot our own horns here, but it's a smart move. Chances are, the folks reading about Athens politics more than a year before an election are also the folks most likely to get involved in a campaign as volunteers. Would that some other candidates were as savvy.


And this picture, which comes from a rehearsal of Sam Shepard's Buried Child, shows that he's been involved in the arts community around town, which is certainly an important thing to consider when picking a mayor.

So, we like Andy. But we're still going to publish funny pictures of him. Enjoy!

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Jmac said...

You'll need to watch what you say ... Andy's also a first degree black belt ... as well as the art director at the Athens Film Foundation (or at least in some of their works).

Publius said...

Oh yeah? Well, let's hope he wins...just let those snotty gay bashers in Madison County try to push us around at MACORTS meetings then!

Our mayor can kick your mayor's ass.

andyrusk said...

Ahh... my greaseball days. Dig those bad teenage sideburns.

I'll have a few of my own funny pictures posted shortly, I swear. In the meantime, someone will probably issue a bounty on my yearbook photos.

And yeah, I definately plan on cleaning up this town, Walking Tall style. Just looking for the right 2x4.