Thursday, September 29, 2005

Judgment Day, Five Days and Counting

For those of you interested in the La Puerta Del Sol issue, and who are not on the LPDS mailing list (Shame on you. We'll bet you haven't emailed your Commissioners yet either!), we humbly present the plan of action concerning the October 4th Commission meeting, as submitted by the LPDS folks.

We'll be there. We hope you will too.

Buenos Días [Good Morning],

We just wanted to send an important reminder to all our members about the upcoming Mayor and Commissioners meeting next Tuesday evening. We hope that you will join us in support of this unique project. We feel that we have worked extremely hard to ensure the community is informed about our plans, and that the facts surrounding this rezoning request make their way to the public.

It is true that some people do not support La Puerta del Sol, with particular emphasis on a single neighborhood, Cedar Creek (although many Cedar Creek residents have voiced their wholehearted support for this rezoning as well). However, we feel that such reports of opposition-and the reasons some people believe they should oppose-have been largely exaggerated and a great deal of misinformation has been conveyed within our community. Our personal experience has been that the overwhelming majority of those who are well-informed about this rezoning are also supporters. Furthermore, many community members who may have opposed this rezoning initially have shifted to support the proposal upon learning more about it.

We would like to encourage you attend this meeting, and make sure you voice is recognized to ensure that the the Mayor and Commissioners make the proper decision. We will be meeting outside City Hall at 6:00 PM on Tuesday. If you plan on attending try to make there a little earlier, so we can put a face to these email addresses! We would love to meet you and thank you in person. For those of you that might like to speak during the Citizen Input portion of the meeting we can use this time to help answer any last minute questions as well. If you do not feel comfortable speaking during the Citizen input, but would still like to show your support please come down to City Hall early, as we believe we have a unique way for Silent Supports to make a powerful statement (we hope this has now peaked your curiosity enough to get you down there by 6:00).

What: Mayor and Commission Meeting :
When: Tuesday, October 4th, 2005 - 7:00 PM (6:00 PM if your still curious)
Where: City Hall
Why: Mayor & commissioners meeting to vote for acceptance of La Puerta Del Sol rezoning request.

We sincerely appreciate the support you have demonstrated, and are looking forward to meeting you all Tuesday evening.

Regards... LPDS!



Buck Laughlin said...

Anybody hear LPDS on the radio Wednesday?

Publius said...

I wish I had. Apparently Wednesday was a banner day on Athens political radio, what with LPDS yakking it up and frequent AP raconteur Andy Rusk on as well.

But alas, I had a day off, and overslept, even though I meant to get up for the show.

andyrusk said...

Yeah, I met Mr. Casey (sp?) before going on. I reckon he's one of Mr. Rubio's consultants. Anyways, he showed me some renderings of LPDS and I liked what I saw.

I think it'd be a handsome addition to the Eastside, but I don't live there, so McCarter don't have to listen to me. Even if I did live, he wouldn't have to listen to me. Representative democracy can be a bitch, eh?

Oh well.

The fat is in the fire.