Monday, September 12, 2005

In a Shock to Absolutely No One


The Red and Black is apparently not the pinnacle of media acheivement.

Ok, normally, we like the Red and Black. The paper does a good job of reporting thoroughly and usually accurately on stories within its campus-centric focus. In addition, the R & B has historically been a good foil to UGA administration, asking tough questions and demanding answers, or at least forcing the Mike Adams cadre to overtly stonewall. And we admit, during our student days, we were big fans of the crossword.

But today's editorial was a little too self-referential for us. We're not being judgmental, and Lord knows, your crack editorial loves to talk about ourselves almost as much as we love using various permutations of the word "douchebag." (not at the same time, though)

But still, we had to chuckle at this one. So it's not ok to get all of our news from the Red and Black? Guess we'll go back to Jeff Gannon and Talon News.


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