Friday, September 09, 2005

The Magical Mystery Tour.

Well, the only thing magical and mysterious is the Preznit's refusal to talk to one of his constituents...

Tomorrow, the Cindy Sheehan-inspired Bring Them Home Bus Tour is rolling into Athens, bringing with it several interesting stories and the folks who tell them. If you, like us, supported Cindy's efforts to get an explanation from the Preznit, and if, like us again, you were happily surprised at the large number of people who turned out last month for the protest/vigil thingy at the Arch, (The ABH says 200, but we're thinking it was honestly more like 150, still either way, it was pretty darn impressive) then you've got to get your progressive arse out to the Common Ground World Headquarters at 1pm tomorrow to watch the show. The address is 157 Newton St, right here in Athens.

By the way, Cindy Sheehan herself will be in Stone Mountain Saturday night. Read the ABH for the 411.

Hope to see y'all on Saturday at 1pm.

Rumors go here.

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