Friday, September 02, 2005

Kidd Speaks to Local Young Dems.

Red and Black has the story here.

By the way, Jane Kidd (D-Athens) who is one of our current state representatives, is running for the seat that State Senator Brian Kemp (R-Athens) is vacating in order to run for State Agriculture Commissioner. (more on that in a later post, when we figure out whether anyone actually cares)
Apparently, she's going to focus on health care and education, in a shock to absolutely no one.
That State Senate seat is a strange bird, though. Doug Haines barely (less than 500 votes) lost in in 2002, then Becky Vaughn lost it by a somewhat less narrow, but still respectable margin in 2004. Perhaps Jane Kidd will learn a lesson from Doug and Becky - Athens may be blue, but outside of Clarke County, it's red state redux. Put another way, you can't count on the Democratic faithful in Athens to put you over the top.
Jane may win. She's certainly the darling of the ACC Democratic Party, more so than Doug or Becky ever was.
So who's going to run for her seat in the State House? Any interested candidates can apply by sending a 350-word essay entitled, "Why I Want to Be a State Representative," along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Athens Clarke County Democratic Party. Five lucky runners-up will win great consolation prizes, to be announced later.
(Obviously, we're kidding. Please do not send essays to the ACC Democratic Party. They will make fun of you, and so will we.)

Send your rumors, tips, or scoops (or, if you insist, essays about wanting to be a State Representative) to us here.


hillary said...

I did think it was kind of weird that the YD president focused on HOPE cuts. As in, while there were cuts to the number of hours it'll cover, there weren't really other than that, right?

Also, I think I saw Jane Kidd driving around in Athens the other day, if she has state plates.

Publius said...

As far as I know, there weren't cuts to the actual funding, but I think that Democrats in general are still reacting preemptively (if that's possible) to the threats of funding cuts in the 05 session as well as the possibility that they may cut funding in 06.

Plus, HOPE is one of those issues that Democrats can get good and ginned up at the GOP about. To a certain extent, I would also guess that the YD President felt that it was kind of incumbent on him to address it, being at UGA and all.

How focused was he on it? (I wasn't there...stupid work schedule)

hillary said...

She. I wasn't there either. She's quoted in the R&B story about it. I figured it was a "just in case" thing, but really, as far as education funding goes, it's such a small issue and an unlikely one.

Publius said...

Oh yeah, I guess they'd have a new president since it's a new academic year. Who is it?

lefty said...

jane was my wedding coordinator when i got married last summer. she's great.

and i added a link back to y'all. cheers.