Monday, September 26, 2005

More Politics Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Great!

Hey we're glad you're back, because man, we've got a lot to talk about.

So much in fact, that we pulled an all-nighter (not by choice, mind you) and put a bunch of posts together from what was a pretty brisk news weekend in the Classic, as well as some early Monday stories that you'll be seeing. There are, in fact, so many new posts today that, in retrospect, we would have been well-served to break it down Hobbyhorse-style like Antidisingenousmetarianism. But we tend to talk more than Hilary, and besides, we ripped her off unwittingly already on the Senator Tankerbell/States McCarter thing, so we'll stay the course with individual posts, accompanied, as always, with our insightful commentary.

In order to help you navigate, here's what's new today on the ol' blog.
It's a lot of news, a little analysis, and tons of snarkiness, and we encourage you to read it all.

Got rumors, tips, gossip for us. Send it here, we'll keep your name out of it. Unless we get subpoened. Prison frightens us.


hillary said...

Holy crap. Y'all have been busy.

Not so ripped off as thought along the same lines because it's very true.

andyrusk said...

yo gang, is up and running, albeit with precious little content thus far.