Monday, September 05, 2005

Living Wage

Happy Labor Day, everyone. And hey, speaking of Labor Day, there's going to be a rally today downtown to cowboy up for higher wages in Athens.
We're all in favor of that, and we'll probably be there. We hope you will too. We don't want to lose you with complicated policy jargon here, but the state of wages in Athens, in economic terms, blows.
The rally starts at the Arch at 2:00, and wraps up around 4:30 at City Hall.
The Athens Banner Herald writes it up here.
So, even if you're lucky enough to make a living wage (and have Labor Day off, not everyone does), please take a few hours this Labor Day and go to work for a good cause.
Good causes come in strange packages, and sometimes, even spending a few hours listening to union leaders bloviate can make a difference.
Of course, just turning out today isn't enough. Get to know the fine folks over at the Athens Economic Justice Coalition. They could use your help year-round.

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