Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just a short post today...

...because at least part of the crack editorial staff is feeling like something the cat dragged in.

But don't let that stop you from getting good and pissed off at local restauranteur Dave Cappi's letter to the ABH today.

Let us get this straight. He's pissed because the ACC government is encouraging (not requiring, mind you) local businesses to pay a living wage?

No, read between the lines. He's pissed off because he has to pay taxes (those pesky little things that go to pay for the roads that provide a convenient means of access to his restaurants, and the police and firefighters that keep tham safe, and, we hasten to add, probably the income assistance that helps some of his employees pay their rent and buy groceries.) The lame duck ACC proclamation is just an excuse for him to spew out some free-market-fascist vitriol.

We sort of agree with him about the sidewalk cafe stuff though. That was lame.

We're well aware that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, most small business owners in Athens share Dave Cappi's views. But there's a difference between disagreeing with government policy, and using crazy-eyed Joe McCarthy rhetoric to play the class warfare card in the local paper . Dave Cappi chose the latter.

By the way, Dave Cappi is the majority owner of these joints, which used to be among our favorite places to eat. Now, we'll be taking our business elsewhere, and encourage you to do the same, although it probably won't make much of a difference to ol' Dave.

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Jmac said...


The horrible service at DePalma's was already driving me away, but absolutely loving poverty - as Cappi must - means I'll look elsewhere as well.

BTW ... excellent web site. It's my first trip here. Good stuff all the way around. I'll have to give you a shout-out on my meager blog.

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for new Italian in Athens I recommend Little Italy's. Free Crystal Meth with every slice of large pepperoni. What a deal!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to discover this obscure blog of socialistic ineptitude. I know this is 2 years late but let me say that I stand by my statements that you all thought so horrible. If Restaurants suddenly started paying entry wages of $10.50/hr, without judgement or personal interest I can say that you will see prices jump and not just at DePalma's where our average wage is closer to the amount you like than at other restaurants or fast food chains.
Understand that I am one person that owes close to half a million dollars to a bank that I borrowed to open or renovate my restaurants. My newest place has made every employee a pay check and has cost me close to $50,000.00 so far - and I am still not making a profit. The people that go out on a limb, that work hard, much harder than any hourly employee and risk their very homes and family's comforts are the ones that make these places happen. You idiots who think I should pay people more will not be around when the bank asks for their money back. I will be the one who hands them the deed to my home, not my employees and certainly not the lame ass that criticizes me for providing jobs for people.
I work long and hard and treat the people that do a good job for me right. I and I alone have all the risk and while I pay for my employees labor, taxes, workers comp and other related costs, I spend many sleepless nights worrying whether or not some employee has cost me money by mistreating a paying customer.
We can pay people more, sure. But if there is no profit then why would I do this for a "living"? Am I poor? NO! But Neither am I rich. I make far less than any Doctor or lawyer. Ask my employees, the ones that have been with me for 2,5,10,17 years. Ask them why they are still with me. Ask them if I am mistreating them.
I suggest that the idiots that write this blog look into the costs of doing business here in this state. FYI, if I sell 1 million dollars worth of food and make 10% profit, I walk with 100K. Then I have to pay back the bank - $50K for the business loan, before taxes. The government gets $25K that leaves me $25K. If you divide that by the number of hours I work - (60 hours per week) - that puts me at $8.33 per hour, plus I have to put my house up for collateral so that my employees can keep working and I can keep making less than a "living wage". So who is going to pay me my living wage?

Dave Cappi