Monday, November 28, 2005

Your Watkinsville at Work

Courtesy of Watkinsville Councilman (Post 1) Brian Brodrick, we get some 411 on what’s going down in the OC, and we’ve gotta tell you, it’s pretty interesting.  On Thursday, December 1, the powers that be (including, we assume, Brodrick) will be presenting a new land use plan for Watkinsville.  The plan, called, “Your Watkinsville,” has a lot of neat proposed changes, geared towards historic preservation, as well as cutting down on the potential for sprawl.  Here at AthPo, we’re big supporters of the arts, so we’re especially heartened to see that the proposals contain the possibility of creating an arts district.

Note however, that in the finest traditions of open government, this plan is not written in stone yet, and that’s why your attendance (and comments) at Thursday’s meeting are so important (if, that is, you live in the OC.  If you don’t, they probably don’t care too much.)

Here in Athville, we tend to look down our noses at our neighbors in the OC; it’s a land of unfettered sprawl, where developers run free and feast on the milk and honey of large land parcels and zoning laws that are less stringent than Athens.  Good land use is a good thing, and we applaud Watkinsville for taking some steps in the right direction to preserve the city’s unique character.

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