Friday, November 04, 2005

A brief retraction

Contrary to our prior post, Dan Maxey, we are told, is not running for State House District 115 after all. Frequent poster AquariusRizing gives us the deets.

"Dan Maxey has decided not to run. Now stay tuned for information on one Ron Dix, former State Rep from Lilburn, who was redistricted out. He's a recent convert to the democratic party, and has (according to rumour) moved here to prepare for a run in the 115th.
Repeat, Dan Maxey is NOT running, ignore those invitations to the kick off he's no longer holding on the 13th of November. He has family issues that are a priority right now, and will be around in a couple of years to see how whoever we elect is doing.. and maybe he'll run then."

Hey speaking of candidates, and all, here's a nice article about a candidate we like, Senor Andy Rusk. Pay special attention to Tom Chasteen getting all huffy. We're almost tempted to say, vote for Andy just to piss Tom off. Hilary hearts Andy (number 8 on the Hobbyhorse), and so does the R&B.

If we were going to make fun of Andy, in a friendly way, we'd make some comment about hoping that we have a police officer and an Indian chief running for Commission, so that we'd have the whole Village People set in our local government. But seriously folks, you'd better listen up to what Andy is saying. You'll find that it makes a lot of sense.

Carry on.


andyrusk said...

Actually, I plan to install a police officer and Indian chief in my cabinet. Also a biker. I'll be playing construction worker and cowboy on alternating nights.

Publius said...

I didn't know mayors got a cabinet. Can I get some patronage?

DoubleDawgDareYa said...

Will it be a kitchen cabinet?

Anonymous said...

I had bad mutterings about imploded candidacy. We need to finds someone to run against Bob Smith ASAP. Andy's dad Rich would be my first choice

andyrusk said...

Well, I'll run it up the ol' flagpole and see if my pop salutes, but I'm betting he won't. He get's approached once in a while about running for this or that out in Oconee, but so far he's not had the inclination to throw his hat in the ring. Besides, if both father and son were running it might smack of some kind of liberal coup.

And no, the mayor does not get a cabinet, but there's always room for a brain trust.