Friday, November 18, 2005

Over in Normaltown

Athens Regional Medical Center and their Community Advisory Council try to smooth over the rough spots and agree to stay together, at least 'til the kids get off to college or something.

Seriously, it's always kind of been our opinion that the Community Advisory Council exists solely to provide a PR boost to ARMC and show that, on the surface at least, ARMC is walking the walk on involving community input. But does the Advisory Council have any input into policy? Can they even stop ARMC from doing anything that ARMC wants to?

Well, maybe they can, it turns out. Y'see, the advisory council has grown to be more than just a slick PR move. They're getting ink, and it isn't the ink that ARMC might like to see. Could a bunch of busybody Boulevardians tame the 800 pound gorilla that is ARMC? We'll just have to see.

Also in Normaltown news, suggestions abound as to what to do with the Navy School in a few years. We'd like to see it stay a school of some kind, or maybe go mixed-use. But what do we know?

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raven said...

You can check in here to se what we busybodies are up to as the snakes at ARMC prepare to rape the little forest at the end of my block.