Friday, November 18, 2005

News From Under the Various Domes

Under the Gold Dome, the Gubner is flexing a little political muscle and trying to keep the steely-eyed zealotry of the GOP to a minimum for the 2006 session, sez Jones. Y'see, while a safe Republican in a 70% GOP seat (like Jerry Keen, for instance) can introduce whatever crazy nonsense they want to, knowing they'll get re-elected. The Gubner, on the other hand, has to run statewide, and would prefer that the more wacko members of the GOP keep it to themselves this year. (Did you hear that, Sue Burmesiter? More on her in a subsequent post.) The upshot is that we won't be hearing about funding education with a sales tax. But something tells us, given the legislative bloodlust that the GOP showed last year, that this session won't be as quiet as Sonny wants it to be. Our question is, what lengths will he go to to keep his safe seats quiet?

(Also, according to Jones, the state is evenly split between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. As Democrats, we appreciate the compliment, but question the numbers.)

A bi-partisan push in DC saves Even Start. Alisa Marie DeMao writes it up here. This is good news for ACC, Georgia, and the U.S. Now if only we could get some more love for Head Start and the rest of these No Child Left Funded unfunded mandates.

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